KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Residences Completed 5 Months Before the Project Date

KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Residences Completed 5 Months Before the Project Date
KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Residences Completed 5 Months Before the Project Date

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluKİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Residences, of which foundation was laid, was completed 5 months before the project date. The owners of the flats took their keys from the hand of Mayor İmamoğlu at a ceremony. Speaking at the turnkey ceremony, İmamoğlu emphasized that the fight against earthquakes and urban transformation should be handled with an approach above all political concepts and emphasized that cooperation is essential. Stating that they could start the urban transformation in Beylikdüzü with a delay of six and a half years, İmamoğlu said, “Six and a half years later, the groundwork is laid there, due to the delay of the work and plan and the manipulation of people by making a political whim or a political race a part of the urban transformation. We could have laid the foundation six and a half years ago and already brought those people back to their buildings," he said.

KİPTAŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), completed the social housing project, which was started during the period of Mayor İmamoğlu, before the work end date. The keys of the flats were handed over to the owners of the flats in KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Residences, which is the first example of the new era vision. Speaking at the program where 11 beneficiaries got their new homes, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu, said that for the first time in the history of KİPTAŞ, a social housing project was delivered to its owners before the deadline. Stating that they completed the residences at a time when construction costs were changing even during the day, İmamoğlu said, “Many constructions have come to a standstill, in Istanbul. Unfortunately, we are in such an economic process in Turkey. Despite this, achieving this and handing over their homes to the beneficiaries five months ago is an example of success.”


Noting that they carry out practices that will make the transparency and belonging to the public feel at the highest level in İBB subsidiaries, Mayor İmamoğlu said, “We manage a public entity. Our citizens should be aware of every moment. All services of IMM and its affiliated institutions and organizations are always on the agenda of our people. In this corporate structure, you will see the feeling that you say my company belongs to me with its existence. This institutionalism, this public morality, this public stance… We want to present this public law to Istanbulites. I am sure that Istanbulites have never felt these institutions and organizations so close and in the transparency that they belong to before. In fact, this is the philosophy underlying the transfer of the service and foresights provided here, together with you, in the most transparent form from the beginning to the end of the project.”


Informing that there are 2020 residences and 1.396 commercial units in the project, which started in June 50, İmamoğlu continued his speech as follows:

“We added a nursery to this body. Let's take a look at it first. Here, which element that the public needs, which deficiency can we eliminate? It is an important stage of our project planning to include the issues such as the library, student dormitory, especially the kindergarten, into every work we do and to meet a need in that region. We are having the pleasure of sharing this project with you before the end of two years and saying good luck. The keys will be delivered in two and a half months in three stages. So, in May and June, maybe we will come to drink tea and coffee at the house of my dear fellow health worker, my uncle, or another neighbor here.”


Stating that KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Residences have 40 percent green space, İmamoğlu said that the project won an international award last year with its design. Adding that the project broke a demand record in Silivri district with 40 thousand applications, İmamoğlu said, “It is very important to continue living in healthy buildings. The issue of urban transformation is a valuable issue in Istanbul. We should never put it out of our minds. Social housing is a work that actually serves this area. Because by providing social housing here, you ensure that people have stronger and healthier housing. This is an important part of the transformation. We are in an intense effort to produce business together, from our departments within KİPTAŞ and our urban planning group, to our other subsidiaries, regarding the transformation related to distressed buildings. Great solidarity is needed here. Everyone should not forget that they are an important actor in this business, from the Ministry to the district municipalities, the Metropolitan Municipality and our own subsidiaries and citizens.”


Noting that Istanbulites should selflessly approach the issue with the idea that "I should not live in this rotten building", İmamoğlu said, "Citizen, I must renovate and strengthen my house as soon as possible. God forbid, our children, children and families should not be killed in an earthquake. He must act responsibly. Unfortunately, in many environments of the projects in which we live in many places, our citizens lose a lot of time because of their internal debates. Sometimes compromises, protocols, can take months. It shouldn't be like this," he said.


Stating that the fight against earthquakes is the primary agenda of Istanbul, İmamoğlu continued his speech as follows:

“The issue of combating earthquakes and bringing urban transformation into existence in this city is a concept above political concepts. We have to sit on top of it and cooperate there. After all this time, the reason and result of delaying the work, delaying the plan, manipulating people by making some political caprice or a political race a part of the urban transformation, an urban transformation area that we started to struggle for six and a half years ago, can lay the foundation there. We could have laid the foundation six and a half years ago in Beylikdüzü and brought those people back to their places and buildings. Isn't it a pity? Isn't it a sin? It does not have a party in whichever district, province, or place these issues take place in solidarity. We have an obligation to cooperate and cooperate in order to be a part of the solution first, whichever party it is. After all, people's lives are at stake here. In this respect, we keep the fight against earthquakes and urban transformation and ensuring that people live in really comfortable and safe houses as our priority issue, and in this sense, we really put up the signs of KİPTAŞ and other institutions and organizations in every corner of Istanbul, the most pioneering and the front-runner of the urban transformation struggle. We aim to be an institution. In this direction, you will soon see that we will make you experience the signs of KİPTAŞ and our institutions in many areas that have not been resolved for years, related to many urban transformations in Istanbul.”

After his speech, İBB President İmamoğlu visited the apartment of Uğur and Cansu Güney couple, who received the key, and told the family. sohbet and took a souvenir photo.


KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt, in his speech at the turnkey ceremony, shared that they are proud of delivering a social housing project five months early for the first time in the company's history. Stating that the beneficiaries are involved in a very privileged project, Kurt said, “We said that a good life is possible for everyone. We believe that in two and a half years, we have shown how useful works can be done for the public good with the right planning and foresighted work. As KİPTAŞ, we take an active role not only in social housing projects, but also in the transformation of risky buildings in Istanbul. In this context. We would like to announce to everyone that we will lay the foundation of our urban transformation project in the Beylikdüzü Gürpınar region, which we have resolved after long efforts, as of the end of this month.”


1.396 residences, 50 commercial units and 1 kindergarten; The foundation of KİPTAŞ Silivri 1.446th Stage Residences, consisting of a total of 4 independent units, was laid on 13 June 2020. Launched during the pandemic period, the project broke the record with the highest number of applications in Silivri district by receiving 3 applications during the 40-week pre-application period. . Green areas, which make up 392 percent of the KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Residences project, were arranged with a contemporary approach. In addition to recreation, playground and sports areas, each residence in the project has been provided to touch the green with large balconies with unobstructed views. At the same time, KİPTAŞ Silivri 40th Stage Residences was the only project from Turkey to receive an award in the “Architecture” category within the scope of IDA – International Design Awards 2020.

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