JAK Teams Run to the Help of Ski Enthusiasts Stuck on Ilgaz Mountain

JAK Teams Run to the Help of Ski Enthusiasts Stuck on Ilgaz Mountain
JAK Teams Run to the Help of Ski Enthusiasts Stuck on Ilgaz Mountain

Gendarmerie teams working on Ilgaz Mountain come to the aid of ski enthusiasts who are stuck in the region under severe winter conditions.

Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) teams affiliated to Kastamonu Provincial Gendarmerie Command work overtime for the safety of visitors on Ilgaz Mountain throughout the season.

The teams working at Ilgaz Ski Center and Ilgaz-2 Yurduntepe Ski Center at all hours of the day reach the scene with snowmobiles and intervene if citizens are lost or injured on the mountain.

During the season, an average of 20 people who were injured due to falling while skiing and 45 people who were stranded at various points of the ski center were picked up from their places by the team and brought to the hotels area with snowmobiles.

While the UMKE teams, who are ready at the ski resorts, provide first aid to the injured, those with serious conditions are sent to the hospital by ambulances.

Abdullah Sönmez, who was rescued by the Gendarmerie from the place where he was stuck, stated that he came to Ilgaz for a vacation, and said, "I hurt my finger while I was skiing, and I couldn't get down. So I called the Gendarmerie. Thankfully, the friends in the gendarmerie helped. He said they downloaded me safely.

Osman Ali Usta, who came from Ankara, stated that Yurduntepe Ski Center is very beautiful, and I fell involuntarily while I was skiing with my friends at the top. I couldn't get down because my leg hurt. My friends in the gendarmerie came and picked me up right after the news. I feel very safe here. "I'm thinking of coming here next year," he said.

As the track is very long in Beyza Sarı, we got tired while sliding down from the top and we stayed. When we couldn't get down, we asked the Gendarme, and they took us and took us down," he said.

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