Demand for Railway Increased During the Pandemic Process

Demand for Railway Increased During the Pandemic Process
Demand for Railway Increased During the Pandemic Process

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that they invested 271 billion liras in railways and said, “During the pandemic process, we are witnessing that the importance of railway transportation has once again emerged and the demand for railways has increased.” said.

Railway-İş Union Consultation Meeting was held in Bolu in a hotel located in Abant Nature Park with the participation of Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu. Ergün Atalay, President of the Turkish-Business Confederation, Metin Akbaş, General Manager of TCDD, and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Manager Hasan Pezük, TÜRASAŞ General Manager Mustafa Metin Yazar, heads of departments and union representatives attended.


Speaking at the meeting, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu said, “During the pandemic process, we are witnessing that the importance of railway transportation has once again emerged and the demand for railways has increased. Today, our country is approaching its goal of having a say in the Middle Corridor between Europe and China, with the goal of becoming a global logistics superpower. In line with these targets, we invested 271 billion liras in our railways, among the transportation and communication investments in our country during the term of our governments. We renewed the entire length of the railway line, which was 2003 thousand 10 kilometers in 959, and increased it to 13 thousand 22 kilometers. We increased the signaled railway line length by 183 percent. We increased our electric railway line length by 188%. We have increased our conventional line length to 11 thousand 590 kilometers. We made our country the 8th YHT operator country in the world and 6th in Europe. Of course, we will not be satisfied with this, we will increase the railway investment share to 2023 percent in 63.” said.


Expressing that they aim to increase the domestic rate of vehicle manufacturing to 2023 percent in 80, which will work on urban rail system lines, Karaismailoğlu said, “We have put into service world-class projects in urban rail systems as well as intercity freight and passenger transportation. 29 million passengers have passed through Marmaray, which we opened on October 2013, 600. In addition, our local rate of production of vehicles that will work on our urban rail system lines is 60 percent. We aim to increase this rate to 2023 percent in 80. The design work of the National High Speed ​​​​Train Set Project with an operating speed of 225 per hour will be completed in 2022 and the supply of its main components will begin. Our target is E5000 Project with design capability in Electric Main Line Locomotive manufacturing. kazanand to increase the localization rate to 60 percent. Thus, we will reduce our country's foreign dependency in this area. We have determined the strategic targets in our Strategic Plan for the 2022-2026 Term, taking into account the needs of our country, global sectoral developments and possible environmental interactions. In line with these goals, we work on a 7/24 basis.” he said.


Noting that they attach maximum importance to environmental sensitivity in new line and high-speed train operations, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “We attach maximum importance to environmental sensitivity in our new line and high-speed train operations. While increasing efficiency, productivity and mobility in railways, we are working to reduce the damage to the environment. For this purpose, we are establishing 'Smart Railway Transportation Systems'. We continue to work on the creation of a strong energy infrastructure with renewable energy sources in railways. In this direction, we started the preparation of the 'Energy Management and Climate Change Action Plan'. In the action plan, we have identified three main themes: 'Green Transport on the Railroad', 'Zero Carbon Future' and 'Reliable Energy Supply'. In the medium term of 4-10 years, we will meet 35% of the energy we consume on railways from renewable energy sources. We will bring the railways to much better points in a safe, secure, fast and environmentally friendly way.” used the phrases.


Providing information about the developments in the railways, TCDD General Manager Metin Akbaş said that as TCDD, they organize multi-dimensional training activities in order to support the professional and personal development of all permanent and temporary workers, especially our workers. Stating that they regularly plan their vocational trainings for 2 workers working in critical positions in the police department, and they provide the training they need for those working in other branches of art, according to the conditions of the profession, Metin Akbaş said, “An average of 130 workers attend the face-to-face trainings we organize annually. Our priority is always occupational health and safety and railway safety. We ensure the participation of all our worker personnel in occupational health and safety trainings and training on safe working awareness and safety culture on the railway. Thus, while performing our work in international norms, we increase the professional knowledge and skills of our workers, and always keep worker health and operational safety at the forefront. With our on-the-job training activities, we aim to accelerate the adaptation processes of our workers to new technologies, increase work efficiency and prevent work accidents.” said.


“We carry out the training, examination and certification processes of our workers working in jobs for which documents are required by the Vocational Qualifications Authority, and we meet the examination and document fees.” Akbaş said, “I would like to give a good news here on the occasion of our meeting. We will restart the morale and motivation seminars, which we have suspended due to the pandemic, in the coming months, and with the participation of our fellow workers, we will maximize our railwayman solidarity. In this context; “Qualified education, qualified employees, our developing and changing railways.” I would like to emphasize that we aim to support the lifelong learning of all our workers by creating a more holistic approach that offers equal opportunities in accessing to in-service training, under the title of Turkish Railway Academy.” he said.

Emphasizing that they will continue to work with all their might to expand the geographical dominance and scope of the railways, Akbaş thanked everyone who contributed to the realization of the workshop.

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