Restoration Works of Basilica Cistern Has Come to An End

Restoration Works of Basilica Cistern Has Come to An End
Restoration Works of Basilica Cistern Has Come to An End

The relevant bureaucrats of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Fatih Municipality came together with the construction agenda of the İlim Yayma Vakfı, which distorted the silhouette of the city's landmark Suleymaniye Mosque. To the delegations, IBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu and Fatih Mayor Ergün Turan led the way. At the meeting; Consultations were held on the renewal of the historical Sulaymaniyah region, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The meeting of the delegations, which came together at the Topkapı Library, lasted about 2 hours. İmamoğlu and Turan visited Süleymaniye after the meeting. Both Presidents made their evaluations about the meeting in the historical streets of Süleymaniye.


Emphasizing that Süleymaniye is the common value of the city and the country, İmamoğlu said, “The main philosophy of our meeting is based on this feeling. In this context, we had our speeches and meetings. We have taken the decision of 'maximum determination' to restore Sulaymaniyah to its historical identity, at the maximum level, and to show joint efforts. In other words, both we and Fatih Municipality will put forth the work at the highest level. Of course, we never want to squeeze this huge agenda of Sulaymaniyah into a single building. Because, the issue is the general of Sulaymaniyah. Actually, not only in Sulaymaniyah. In other words, this is how we view the historical peninsula.”


Saying, "A few issues are of course curious by the society," İmamoğlu said:

“First; I would like to make the final sentence about the construction process of a building belonging to the known Science Spreading Society and what was said after that, about not debating this issue again. At the meeting we held once, we had no hesitation in the fact that the Knowledge Propagation Society would make the maximum sacrifice regarding this building and make the sacrifice it would put forth for the improvement of the process. In this context, we decided to conduct a study. While making this decision, our basic principle is as follows: Of course, first of all, it should not spoil the silhouette of Süleymaniye. Another point is that we decided in principle to complete this building by obtaining a facade design suitable for its identity in historical records. Technical friends of both our Metropolitan Municipality and Fatih Municipality will come together. Along with a joint work, a decision will be made by involving the Science Dissemination Society and the construction of this structure will continue according to it. In this regard, in the presence of all our technical friends, let's make this commitment to our society together as the two mayors.”


Emphasizing that Istanbul has an ancient history of thousands of years, İmamoğlu said, “Of course, this city also has an Ottoman part with a history of more than 600 hundred years, it has an age. Perhaps the most symbolic and ancient image of this age is Sulaymaniyah. We all embrace this silhouette as individuals of the city - as we own all of its history - and we also embrace this image with our spiritual beliefs. And this feeling that we own in this image has no politics. Here, both the Mayor of Fatih Municipality Ergün Turan, our President, and all my friends, bureaucrats and people who are not here share this feeling. In this context, we want to share every step with our citizens, and I hope to present a very good result to the people of Istanbul here," he said.


Turan said, "It was a really useful work," and added, "As the President has stated, Sulaymaniyah is the common value of all of us. Sulaymaniyah is not just the concern of the rulers. Everyone who loves Istanbul has expectations about Istanbul. After all, the Knowledge Spreading Foundation had already made a statement. It was a really good explanation. It was not a different statement from our conversations at the moment. He said that he will do what is necessary, including the floor reduction. A study needs to be done on the whole of Sulaymaniyah. Every time many people come to Sulaimani since the 1960's and 70's, the dream of everyone who is an administrator like us, like Mr. President, is to turn Sulaymaniyah into this place. Step by step, everyone tried to do something with their own effort. But I believe that today there is a high level of experience both in the Metropolitan and on our side. In cooperation, we will work to leave Sulaymaniyah, which can be managed better for the next generations, in our time, by really keeping it above politics - as the President has stated - I hope."


İmamoğlu passed from Süleymaniye to the Basilica Cistern, another symbol of the city. İmamoğlu, who examined the historical cistern, which is approaching the end of the restoration works, shared the following information:

“A very delicate work has been carried out here. Particularly sensitive and special precautions were taken regarding the earthquake resistance of the cistern. At the same time, a work is about to be concluded on some floors that are not felt very much – as my friends express – that you can see, feel, and even get closer to these 6th century coatings on the new platform. We hope that in the spring we will present the Basilica Cistern to the taste of Istanbulites, and even to the whole world, in this new form with Istanbul, in a very pleasant state, in a way where very special moments can be felt. I can already feel that this place will become more effective with people's walks, culture and art. It's impossible to be in it and not feel it. This is a very special place that gives you goosebumps and makes you feel once again what an ancient city we live in. I can already herald that the Basilica Cistern will be one of the meeting points of the world with pleasure, with a near-perfect restoration and the most sensitive behavior in the next business concept, similar to the respect we have for the entire historical fabric. Good luck to our Istanbul. See you in May.”

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