AKUT Mert Küçükyumuk Logistics Center Left Its First Year Behind

AKUT Mert Küçükyumuk Logistics Center Left Its First Year Behind
AKUT Mert Küçükyumuk Logistics Center Left Its First Year Behind

AKUT Manisa Logistics Center, which was renovated with the support of İnci GS Yuasa after the Izmir Earthquake in 2020; With the name "AKUT Mert Küçükyük Logistics Center", it has been extending a helping hand to all living things to save lives for exactly one year. The renewed logistics center, which was opened in Manisa last year, keeps the memory of İnci GS Yuasa employee Mert Küçükyük, who lost his life with his wife and child in the earthquake.

AKUT's Manisa Logistics Center, which has been renewed with the support of İnci GS Yuasa, which continues its contributions in the social field within the framework of its goal of “saving the living life”; It has completed one year by taking the name of AKUT Mert Küçükyumuk Logistics Center. AKUT Mert Küçükyumuk Logistics Center, which was renovated with the aim of healing the wounds of the earthquake that took place in İzmir on October 30, 2020, raising public awareness about disasters and taking concrete steps in this regard, has carried out effective activities for a year with the support of İnci GS Yuasa. Since last year, the center has touched countless lives and stood by those who need help.

From AKUT Manisa Volunteers to Studies Touching Life

İnci GS Yuasa has been working for many years in cooperation with AKUT, Turkey's first search and rescue non-governmental organization with its mission to save living life, and supports activities in the social field by taking steps to draw attention to private sector - NGO cooperation. AKUT, one of the institutions with this sensitivity, working on a voluntary basis and focusing on social benefit, continued to touch the society, people and living things throughout 2021 with the Manisa team under the energy sponsorship of İnci GS Yuasa. Continuing its activities with the spirit of "saving life" since the day it started; touched their lives with the evacuation and rescue operations it carried out during the year. He took an active role in cooling efforts by supporting the response to the forest fires that occurred in Manavgat in October last year, and helped prevent further losses by supporting the evacuation of living things in the region. In order to support their work in the field and to create the right awareness of volunteering, many volunteer trainings were given at the Mert Küçükyük Center throughout the year. With the volunteers of the Manisa team, trainings were held in many universities and high schools in order to raise awareness of disaster and inform the youth. The Center continues its activities without slowing down this year in order to reach more living things.

Elbirlik: “We stand by AKUT with our unending energy”

Cihan Elbirlik, Director of the Executive Board of İnci GS Yuasa, expressing that they are proud of their cooperation with AKUT, said: “We manufacture energy storage products in the automotive and industrial fields under the umbrella of İnci GS Yuasa, and we make valuable investments in the future of our country with our high-tech production. We are happy to be in cooperation with an NGO such as AKUT, which works on a voluntary basis and takes the task of saving living life, in order to crown the success we have achieved in the battery industry with kindness and to transfer our energy to the society. We deeply felt the sadness of losing our colleague Mert Küçükyumuk in the earthquake that occurred in İzmir in 2020. In order to keep Mert's name alive, we created a fund with the contributions of our global partner GS Yuasa and İnci Holding and all İnci Group companies to renew AKUT's logistics campus in Manisa. We provide to the center; We wanted to contribute to the search and rescue activities in Turkey, especially in the Aegean Region, with supports such as technical equipment, building renovation, and vehicle batteries. We took actions with our corporate structure in order to take part in volunteer-based activities together with our friends who continue to work under the roof of İnci GS Yuasa. We will continue our work with AKUT to save the life of living things with important steps we will take to the future.'' He said.

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