3D Ads Started Publishing on Facebook and Instagram

3D Ads Facebook
3D Ads Facebook

Meta Platforms will make it easy for brands to post XNUMXD ads on Facebook and Instagram through a new partnership with an e-commerce technology firm. This metaverse takes a different approach to ads in the ad world!

VNTANA CEO Ashley Crowder said the move is a stepping stone to advertising in the metaverse, referring to the futuristic idea of ​​a collection of virtual worlds that can be accessed from different devices such as headsets.

Meta has dedicated its future to contributing to the construction of the metaverse, which it says could take up to ten years to realize. Meanwhile, brands in the beauty, fashion and furniture industries are working to transition from 2d to 3d representations of their products.

“The metaverse is basically the spatial internet,” Crowder said. “A world of possibility that starts with having accurate 3D models of your products.”

3D Ads Ready for Facebook and Instagram!

Facebook and Instagram users can interact with the image of a handbag, for example, and move the item to view it from all angles, while seeing a 3D ad while scrolling through their desktop or phone.

"In a way, this offers a glimpse of what you can expect in future devices like AR glasses," said Chris Barbour, director of augmented reality partnerships in Meta's Reality Labs unit.

Prior to VNTANA's integration with Meta, advertisers must reformat 3D files for Meta to be compatible with their ad systems. Crowder said now brands can use VNTANA to easily upload files and turn them into ads without having the technical expertise to work with 3D images.

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