291,1 Million TL Saved With Amasya Ring Road

291,1 Million TL Saved With Amasya Ring Road
291,1 Million TL Saved With Amasya Ring Road

Amasya Ring Road saved both time and fuel. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that 291,1 million TL was saved with the Amasya Ring Road and drew attention to the fact that the travel time was reduced from 30 minutes to 7 minutes.

The General Directorate of Highways of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure made a written statement about the Amasya Ring Road. Reminding that the Amasya Ring Road was opened on July 25, 2020, in order to eliminate traffic congestion and disruptions due to the use of the existing city crossing due to the increasing urban and intercity heavy vehicle traffic in parallel with the rapidly developing socio-economic structure of Amasya, the statement reminded that the ring road has 2 × 2 lanes. It was noted that it was built in the standard of divided road with bituminous hot mix pavement and with a length of 11,3 kilometers.


In the statement, “The Ring Road route, which separates from Suluova-Amasya Road and connects to Amasya-Turhal Road by passing through the southwest of Amasya, passes through valleys at different depths and frequent intervals, such as the apical structure of the land, the risky nature of the ground in terms of construction. For these reasons, there are many special productions in the project. 151 double-tube tunnels with a total length of 2 meters, 612 double viaducts with a total length of 4 meters, 3 interchanges, 65 double bridges of 2 meters, 334 bridges of 3 meters, one of which is the Şehzadeler Viaduct, which was built as a balanced cantilever technological bridge. A single bridge and 597 cut-and-cover structures of 2 meters were built”.


Emphasizing that the 13,5-kilometer city crossing with the Amasya Ring Road was shortened by 2 kilometers, the statement continued as follows:

“The travel time, which took about 30 minutes, was reduced to 7 minutes. With the Ring Road, which increases traffic safety and comfort by taking vehicles carrying dangerous goods out of the city, a total of 264,9 million TL has been saved, including 26,2 million TL from the time it was opened and 291,1 million TL from fuel oil. In addition, an annual carbon emission reduction of 5 tons was achieved by disabling the signaling system and eliminating stop-go waits.”

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