What is a Mind Map? How to Create a Mind Map?

What is a Mind Map How to Create a Mind Map
What is a Mind Map How to Create a Mind Map

People want to keep the knowledge they have acquired in their education, business or personal life permanent throughout their lives. Information can only become more permanent with various teaching techniques. One of these teaching techniques is the mind mapping technique.

What is a Mind Map?

Mind map, also known as mind map, is a technique for grouping your thoughts and information. Mind maps visualize soft information and thoughts. This technique is frequently used in personal planning, during study, in producing solutions to problems and in putting forward new ideas.

At the stage of creating a mind map, a path is followed from easy to difficult, from simple to complex. In this way, information that is difficult to learn can be learned more easily and it becomes easier to remember this information when necessary. In short, mind maps help to learn information effectively and in a short time.

How to Create a Mind Map?

The mind map technique is an activity that anyone who can read and write can practice. mind maps; It is used for purposes such as brainstorming, note-taking, structuring information, problem solving, study and memorization, project and task planning, researching and combining information from multiple sources, presenting information, getting ideas on complex issues, stimulating creativity. Once you have determined the purpose for which you will use your map, it will be enough to get a pen and a piece of paper. You can use pens of various colors depending on your personal tastes and preferences.

When creating the map, the main idea is positioned in the center of the paper. Then the main themes are placed in the extensions created from the main idea. Key words are written on the lines created. According to the volume of the subject, tertiary, quaternary, and fifth extensions are created and a hierarchical order is established. It should not be forgotten that the use of colored pencils and images in the extensions positively affects the permanence. In line with this information; Symbols, exclamation points, words in various colors and fonts to be added to the map can be helpful in making the learned knowledge permanent.

What are the Differences Between Mind Map and Concept Map?

Concept mapping, like mind mapping, is a frequently preferred technique in education and business. However, there are differences between the two techniques. The main difference between mind map and concept map is that mind map is subjective whereas concept map is objective.

The differences between a mind map and a concept map can be listed as follows:

  •  Mind maps go deep into the brain and reveal all the schemas of concepts, events, and problems. It provides flexible thinking and helps the person to produce new ideas. Concept maps, on the other hand, help to group phenomena among themselves.
  • The person who creates a mind map reveals all the information that is in his mind about a concept. The person who creates a concept map, on the other hand, takes the well-known and proven points on the subject and transfers them to the map, rather than writing what comes to mind.
  •  The mind map technique is more subjective than the concept map technique because it is specific to the person who created the map.
  • Mind mapping is especially used in education, brainstorming, generating ideas and solving problems. A concept map is used to learn concepts. Apart from this, it is a technique used to organize these determinations by identifying misconceptions, features and sub-dimensions.
  • Due to the fact that they are prepared using various colors and visuals, the artistic aspect of mind maps outweighs the concept maps. .Concept maps usually consist of specific boxes and arrows used to show relational elements between concepts. The images used should be directly related to the concept and acceptable to everyone.

With the mind map technique, you can organize your information and thoughts, and you can solve your time management problems with the pomodoro technique, thus increasing your productivity.

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