What You Didn't Know About Anger Control Disorder

What You Didn't Know About Anger Control Disorder
What You Didn't Know About Anger Control Disorder

Psychiatrist Specialist. Dr. Tuba Erdogan gave information about the subject. Anger is an emotion that every living organism experiences from time to time and has difficulty in controlling. We can say that this feeling, which is mostly unwanted and not accepted by the person and his environment, is actually the tip of the iceberg.

In addition to being a very strong emotion, anger often contains other negative emotions and thoughts that are not accepted by the person. Anger can occur as an expression of feelings such as inadequacy, dislike, and helplessness. As with other negative emotions, it is important to understand what this emotion actually represents and to create awareness in this direction.

Anger is defined as a very intense negative emotion that is felt in situations such as being blocked, attacked, threatened, deprived, and restrained, and can generally result in aggressive behavior in one way or another, towards the cause or person, while anger control disorder is defined as a reaction to another living thing or object. defined as hurtful and disturbing behaviors towards In order for this condition to be called a disorder or disease, it is necessary that the functionality of the person is impaired in a continuous and repetitive nature.

It can be an anger control problem under the heading of impulse control disorders, as well as a symptom of various other psychiatric disorders. It is important to make a detailed evaluation of this symptom, which can also be seen in depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders.

While the symptoms of various medical conditions can be seen in addition to psychiatric diseases, anger control disorder can create a state of chronic stress with constant irritability and cortisol release, which can pave the way for the formation of various medical diseases. For example, Diabetes disease or high blood pressure disease, known as diabetes mellitus, can be given as an example of this situation.

Being able to prevent so many people by getting help for anger control problems, which can cause problems in both medical, social and professional fields, will improve the life of the individual in a positive way. It should be kept in mind that sometimes only anger control problem may be due to a disorder of hormones such as thyroid, but sometimes skin rashes whose cause cannot be understood may be due to a mental illness.

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