Underwater Security Police Frog Men Safety

Underwater Security Police Frog Men Safety
Underwater Security Police Frog Men Safety

Police frogmen, who work in harsh conditions in seas, lakes and streams, provide underwater security as well as finding missing persons at a depth of up to 58 meters and detecting evidence.

The frogmen, who are subjected to written, interview and rigorous physical tests by the General Directorate of Security, are assigned to the provinces where they will work after successfully completing their training.

The police, who are given the title of frogman given to the personnel of the security forces who can work under water, look for the evidence thrown into the lakes, streams and seas in their region, and strive to save our citizens lost in the water.

14 Police frogmen on duty in İzmir also dive day and night in all climatic conditions in their responsibility areas covering the provinces of İzmir, Manisa and Uşak.

The frogmen, who dive into deep wells with polluted waters where visibility is low, can operate at depths of up to 58 meters, thanks to their state-of-the-art equipment.

The frogmen, who participated in many search and rescue efforts, especially the Izmir earthquake and the flood disaster in Kastamonu, ensured underwater safety at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum hosted by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The frogmen, who spend most of their work underwater searching for evidence, make more than 200 dives a year, including drills to be ready for harsh conditions at any time.

İzmir Provincial Police Chief and frogman Alper Tuğbay explained that frogman candidates had to complete various processes.

Pointing out that the candidates went through a tough test and training process at the Maritime Police Training Center Directorate in Çanakkale, affiliated to the Protection Department of the General Directorate of Security, Tuğbay explained that the police officers who successfully completed the course moved to the frogman service branch and could work anywhere in Turkey.

Stating that the statesmen also search for suspicious objects during their sea travels, Tuğbay said, “We support search and rescue missions in cases such as flood disasters. We work everywhere. Our team in Izmir can set off for Trabzon, Artvin or Tunceli in one morning. We had very active duties last year.”

Stating that the systems they use are in good condition compared to the maritime police of other countries, Tuğbay added that it is important for the personnel's own safety and to have good materials during the search for evidence.

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