Trabzon Transportation Master Plan Accepted

Trabzon Transportation Master Plan Accepted
Trabzon Transportation Master Plan Accepted

The last session of the February meetings of the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Council was held under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu. At the meeting, the Trabzon Transportation Master Plan, which was implemented as a first, was unanimously accepted.

The last session of the February meeting of the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Council was held. Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu opened the Assembly meeting by greeting the members of the Assembly, the district mayors, the top managers of the Metropolitan Municipality and TİSKİ General Directorate and members of the press.


Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu first gave information about the projects implemented for the first time in Trabzon at the meeting where the Transportation Master Plan, which has reached the final stage, will be discussed. Mayor Zorluoğlu used the following statements: “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have put on our agenda many issues that have been talked about for a long time in the city but cannot be taken further than being talked about. We have designed projects in line with the demands of our people and implemented many of them. We have a lot of work going on. The bus station is one of them. It was also talked about in Trabzon for years, but alhamdulillah, in our time, with your great support, the bus station construction continues without any problems.”


“Again, the transformation of dolmuş has been talked about for many years. There were many complaints that the minibuses could no longer carry this city with their current situation. Thankfully, our friends gave me the last number 520 at the point we reached. 689 of our 520 minibuses were converted in Ortahisar. We hope that by the end of March, all of them will be transformed.”


“From the first day, we have heard many complaints about a city that is detached from the coast, a city where the coastal arrangements are very lacking. We started this in Yalıncak. It was a very beautiful beach arrangement. It will also provide good services as a beach during the summer. At the same time, our feverish work continues in the 2.8-kilometer area between Ganita and Faroz in the heart of the city. On the one hand, give Ganita her old beauty. kazanwe are raising. On the one hand, we are making an arrangement where our citizens can have a great time in this area, which is about 3 kilometers along the coast.”


“The area around Pazarkapı Mosque has been sitting idle for many years. It was the old garbage dump of Trabzon. All our work around the mosque has almost started. Within the framework of the works we started there, the Eurasian Market has reached a certain point. Also, the Science Center and Planetarium studies continue. Basic level completed. Again, the construction of the mosque continues at full speed. Our project work on the entire area of ​​approximately 150 decares around it has been completed. I hope the Jeweler City will come into existence in this region from the beginning of next month, together with the landscaping, area arrangement, various equipment, parking areas suitable for minibuses, eating and drinking places and other social facilities. We will also make the tender next month. A brand new destination in Trabzon, a new important center that will largely eliminate the need for people to come only to the Meydan area, is embodied there. The work continues rapidly.”


“Again, you know the infrastructure issue, which has been a problem in Trabzon for many years. We took it seriously. In every sense, we are continuing very large infrastructure projects in many of our districts, mainly Ortahisar.”


“There is the issue of pedestrianization of Maraş Street, which has been talked about a lot in Trabzon, but we will also be able to take the decision and realize its construction. This is an issue that we evaluated with Gazipaşa Street and started by seeing the infrastructure as an opportunity. Everything is ready, we are at the tender stage. We aim to take a step towards the pedestrianization of the first 400 meters of Maraş Street in the first week of March. Hopefully, our contractor will complete it before the tourist season starts. We will transform that area into an open shopping mall with Uzun Sokak, Maraş Caddesi and Kunduracılar as a whole. This is just one of our firsts.”


“Among them, the Transportation Master Plan is a very important plan and document, in which we look at the transportation issue of our city with the vision of 2040, where many scientific data are collected, and which will enable us to make decisions and produce policies according to these data. The process was carried out in a participatory manner. I would like to express with pleasure that a successful process has been managed in terms of participation of both the public and various segments of the society. Numerous surveys have been made. Talked to the citizens. All segments of the society contributed to the many workshops held. In the end, it was a good work under the leadership of our expert teachers, who are active in their field, but at the same time, the contractor company TÜMAŞ revealed its experience. The stage we have reached is the stage to be submitted to the approval of our assembly. Following the approval of the Assembly, this study will be submitted to the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. After getting approval from there, the Transportation Master Plan will be finalized. We plan to have completed the process by June. Of course, this plan is not static, that is, it is not a plan that will be made once and everything will be designed accordingly. It is a dynamic plan. Therefore, it is a plan that needs to be revised from time to time according to the needs of the city and will be more mature with some new installations. From now on, a reference that not only the Metropolitan Municipality, but also our district municipalities and all institutions and organizations will refer to when taking steps regarding the city, is almost like a constitution of the city in the field of transportation. Good luck to our city in advance.”


“At the end of my speech, I would like to thank the team who put forward this important study in a short time but by using all scientific techniques. TÜMAŞ General Manager Emre Tüzemen and his team, our consultants from Denizli Pamukkale University, Prof. Dr. Soner Haldenbilen and Prof. Dr. To our professors Halim Ceylan, our consultants from KTU; I would like to thank our professors Dilek Beyazlı, Ahmet Merik Öksüz, Şeref Oruç and our esteemed teacher Hülagü Kaplan, who has done very important work with these works at Gazi University. At the same time, our commission also put a lot of effort. I would also like to thank our Chairman of the Transportation Commission and our commission members, and you, our esteemed Assembly members, who participated in all our meetings and expressed their opinions there, expressed their views on our Transportation Master Plan, and embraced this work. All the dynamics of the city, professional chambers, NGOs, universities and our press also showed interest in this business from the very beginning. I sincerely thank all of them. And our last thanks, we entrusted the transportation issue to our two young brothers. Fatih Bayraktar, Head of Transportation Department, and Samet Ali Yıldız, General Manager of TULAŞ. Beneath these friends are our young, dynamic, well-trained engineer friends. They also worked very devotedly in this process. They use very innovative methods. I would also like to thank Fatih Bayraktar and his team, Samet Ali Yıldız and his team. I hope our Transportation Master Plan will bring blessings to our city and country.”


After his statements, Mayor Zorluoğlu left the floor to Fatih Bayraktar, Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. Bayraktar made a presentation on the Transportation Master Plan to the members of the Assembly. Then, Şaban Bülbül on behalf of the Transportation Commission conveyed the negotiations on the Transportation Master Plan to the members of the Assembly. Chairman Zorluoğlu submitted the Transportation Master Plan to the approval of the Assembly members. Trabzon Transportation Master Plan was accepted unanimously.


Chairman Zorluoğlu then handed over the chairmanship of the session to Atilla Ataman, Deputy Chairman of the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly. The meeting ended after 17 articles from the Zoning and Public Works Commission were discussed and accepted.

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