Second 'Goodness Train' Farewelled to Afghanistan with Ceremony

Second 'Goodness Train' Farewelled to Afghanistan with Ceremony
Second 'Goodness Train' Farewelled to Afghanistan with Ceremony

The second "Goodness Train", consisting of 16 containers and carrying aid materials provided with the support of 45 non-governmental organizations (NGO) under the coordination of AFAD, was sent off from Ankara to Afghanistan with a ceremony.

Deputy Minister of Interior İsmail Çataklı, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Enver İskurt, AFAD President Yunus Sezer, TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ General Manager Hasan Pezük and representatives of NGOs attended the ceremony.

“Anyone can lend a helping hand with 1866 SMS”

Stating that the first of the Goodness Train has reached its goal and aid distribution activities have been started, Çataklı stated that thanks to the rich heart of the nation, the “Goodness Trains” will continue with the intense efforts of NGOs and everyone can lend a helping hand with the SMS number 1866.

The Third Goodness Train Will Send Off in 15 Days

Enver İskurt, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that the brotherhood of the Turkish nation with the people of Afghanistan dates back to 100 years. Stating that there is a unity from the past with Afghanistan in goodness, beauty, pain and joy, İskurt said that today is one of the good examples of this.

İskurt shared the information that the second of the humanitarian aid materials has been sent and that the third "Goodness Train" will be sent off in 15 days.

“Where Turkey Sets No One Is Left Without A Lonely”

AFAD President Yunus Sezer read the message of an NGO representative in Afghanistan for aid activities.

The message read, “This place is in a deplorable state. I can say that Syria is 50 years ahead of here. May Almighty Allah be pleased with our nation first, then our President, our ministers and you. I'm in the Shibirgan region right now and everyone has the Goodness Train on their tongue. So to speak, the people here have placed their hopes for the coming days on the food they will get from the train. Once again, I saw that where Turkey has set foot, no one is left alone.” Sezer said that it is understood once again how important the organization is.

Stating that the number of NGOs contributing to the caravan of kindness is increasing gradually, Sezer said that the aid will be delivered in the best way possible.

“A 4-Day Journey on a Route of 168 Kilometers”

General Manager of TCDD Tasimacilik AS, Hasan Pezük, stated that after a 4-day journey on a total route of 168 kilometers in Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, 12 tons of aid materials carried by the Goodness Train, consisting of 46 wagons, were delivered to those in need.

Pezuk said, “We will send a total of 921 containers carrying 45 tons of aid materials to Afghanistan with our trains to be delivered to our Afghan brothers. As railwaymen, we are happy to realize this lofty goal.”

After the prayer of Ankara Mufti Yusuf Doğan, the 2nd Kindness Train was sent off to Afghanistan.

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