Chilean Model Proposal for Pesticide Problem in Fresh Fruit Export

Chilean Model Proposal for Pesticide Problem in Fresh Fruit Export
Chilean Model Proposal for Pesticide Problem in Fresh Fruit Export

The fresh fruit and vegetable sector faced bans due to pesticides in exports to the Russian Federation, where it realized 2021 billion 3 million dollars of its export of 82 billion 1 million dollars in 13.

The Russian Federation has banned the import of grapes, oranges, grapefruit, peppers and pomegranates from Turkey due to pesticides.

The pesticide problem was discussed at the meeting titled “Problems in Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Export and Solution Suggestions” organized by Manisa Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry in Alaşehir, one of Turkey's fresh fruit and vegetable production and export centers.

Exporters want to make the use of pheromone traps mandatory in order to prevent cluster moth on grapes and to prevent residue problems caused by unconscious pesticide use, to obtain a "Harvest Certificate" by having their products analyzed before harvesting, and to make a mistake in the practice of being able to sell the product subject to trade with this certificate. demanded.

Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters' Association President Hayrettin Aircraft, who suggested that the use of pheromone traps should be made compulsory in the fight against the cluster moth, which is the most important product of Alaşehir, said, “Chile made the use of pheromone traps mandatory for 3 years. Then they got rid of the cluster moth. Alaşehir is a monopoly region where vineyard areas are dense. If the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry makes the use of pheromone traps mandatory for 3 years and increases their support, it will be successful, then this model will be implemented in other regions.

Indicating that the exporters are the ones punished in the current system, although the exporters do not have an effect on the residues caused by the unconscious use of pesticides in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, Uçar stated that as exporters, they strive to find the added value of 55 million tons of fresh fruit and vegetables produced in Turkey.

scapegoat exporter

Saying, “There can be no export without production,” Uçar said, “However, as exporters, we suffer from drug residues. The exporter becomes the scapegoat for the drug residue, and the exporter pays the penalty. Let fresh fruits and vegetables be analyzed from the producer with a system in which the state is involved. Currently, the analysis is done after packaging. When the residue is found, we pay a fine of 27 thousand TL per lot and the products are destroyed. We did not manufacture this product, but the fine is imposed on us,” he said.

If Russia doesn't take it, the grapes will spill on the ground.

Reminding that the most important product of Alaşehir is grapes, President Ucak continued as follows: “Russian Federation is the biggest export market of grapes. The Russian Federation banned the import of grapes from Turkey. Apart from that, orange, grapefruit, pepper and pomegranate are prohibited. If the Russian Federation does not buy grapes, the grapes creep on the ground in Alaşehir and cannot find their value. Without Russia in fresh fruit and vegetables, 40-50 percent of our current exports will be lost. It is imperative that we find a joint solution with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, producers and exporters.”

Öztürk: “Export is in the first place in Manisa”

Underlining that the fresh fruit and vegetable sector is a dynamic sector with a high export potential, Manisa Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Metin Öztürk pointed out that besides producing fresh fruits and vegetables, marketing is also very important. Öztürk said, “If we cannot market it at its value, its added value decreases. Manisa is an export city due to its characteristics. We are working to pave the way for our exporters. We conducted Manisa Export 2023 Vision Study. In Manisa, we have put exports first in our work. Alaşehir is one of the most important centers of fresh fruit and vegetable exports. On 25-26-27 February, our Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. At the meeting to be held under the presidency of Bekir Pakdemirli, we will convey the suggestions made here to our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.”

Cengiz Balik: Russia is the export leader in products other than cherries

Pointing out that the Russian Federation is the leading market in the export of fresh fruits and vegetables from Turkey, excluding cherries, Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association Vice President Cengiz Balık said that the Russian Federation has been focusing on MRL values ​​in recent years, and that drugs that do not have a license in Turkey appear in the analysis directly. He said it was the reason for the ban.

Informing that 5 grocery chains in the European Union have developed their own food control systems, Balık said, “These markets do not accept the EU's MRL values ​​either. The EU wants 50 percent of their MRL value. This is why our exports of fresh fruits and vegetables to the EU are declining. We have to match the MRL values ​​of our biggest export market, the Russian Federation. We have produced the product, packaged it, and this analysis is being done. We must concentrate control on production. Let pesticide analyzes be in the production process. By using pheromone traps in agricultural control, we can complete the production season with a minimum of 5 sprayings and end the cluster moth population in 3 years.

Manisa Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Director Metin Öztürk, Alaşehir District Agriculture and Forestry Director Musa While Akkaynak and Herbal Production and Phytosanitary Branch Manager Gökmen Kaya participated, Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association President Hayrettin Aircraft, Vice President Cengiz Fish and Board Member Hüseyin Vural Güleç and the officials of companies that export fresh fruit and vegetables located in Alaşehir took place.

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