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Hair transplant without cutting hair. In general, it is shaved during hair transplantation for easier operation of the hair and easier removal of the grafts taken from the nape. The shaved scalp allows doctors to see the area where the grafts will be transplanted more clearly.

Uncut hair transplant means transplanting grafts without cutting or shaving the hair. It is mostly preferred by men who do not want to wait for their hair to come out; and women, because most of them don't want to cut their hair long.

Since there is no shaving process, no one can understand that you have had a hair transplant. No one wants to go through that recovery period anymore and no one wants to change their appearance. But not everyone is suitable for this medical procedure.

In most patients, the hair is shaved before the operation because it is much easier to collect the grafts this way. And if the hair is short, the doctors work very well in that area, they can use the micromotor easily.

It is often said that doctors who perform unshaven hair transplants are more skilled than doctors who practice other hair types. transplants, because these doctors are the ones who have achieved the ability to operate on unshaven areas (which is very difficult to do).

In general, the FUE method is adopted in this hair transplant. Actually getting a haircut without a haircut FUE hair transplant very similar. These operations are called U-FUE hair transplantation. The only difference is that in unshaven hair transplantation, a small part of the hair is shaved or not at all.

Unshaven hair transplantation is more difficult than other hair transplantation operations and requires more effort than FUE hair transplantation operation. Therefore, the operation takes longer than the follicular unit extraction operation.

During the procedure, the same steps are followed as in the follicular unit extraction operation, but the difference is that the extraction is performed in the unshaven hair transplant operation. without shaving your hair (as mentioned above). The grafts taken from the donor area are cleaned with a special solution and transplanted to the target area. Typically, 1500-2000 grafts are transplanted per operation. After the operation, the donor area can be easily hidden by the patient's hair.


Doctors perform various tests on the patient's unshaven hair transplant They decide whether it is suitable for the operation or not.

Doctors examine the area and decide whether the number of grafts and hair density is sufficient for unshaven hair. transplant. These examinations also give doctors the opportunity to learn about the structure of the patient's hair. Different methods can be followed by doctors depending on whether the hair is thick or sparse, wavy or straight, long or short.

In addition, doctors need to know whether the patient has a chronic disease or allergy. They should adjust their medications and the anesthesia dose they will use during the surgery according to these factors.

Most of the people who have unshaven hair transplantation are women who have hair loss, those who have only regional hair loss and who have enough healthy hair transplantation for transplantation.

For unshaven hair transplantation. The patient should have a long hair structure, hair loss and damage should be reduced. The patient must have the number of donor grafts to be used in the surgery.


It can be done in 3 different ways: One of them is regional shaving, in this method only a small part of the hair is shaved to get neck grafts and the other method is done by doctors without shaving and the last one is called limited. hair transplant laugh

It usually applies to women and is very ideal for them. As in Follicular Unit Extraction, doctors collect donor grafts one by one with the help of micromotors. Then the doctors clean these grafts with solution and open the channels in the target area and place them in the channels with the help of the CHOI pen.

Only the part where the grafts will be taken is shaved: In this method, only the donor area is shaved and the target area is filled with hair. This method is widely used. First of all, a small part of the hair on the back of the head is shaved by doctors. Then, the hair grafts collected with the help of micromotors are cleaned by the doctors and placed in the target area.

The best part of this method is that the patient can cover the shaved area with his hair. For this reason, many people prefer to have surgery with this method.

Some small sections of hair are shaved: In this method, doctors shave small sections of hair to collect and place the grafts. on unshaven parts of the scalp.

Without shaving, neither the donor nor the transplanted area will be shaved. This can be a difficult method for doctors when operating on a patient. You have to be very careful to get a good result

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