Haliç Statement from IMM: The Cause of the Color Change is Precipitation

Haliç Statement from IMM Cause of Color Change Precipitation
Haliç Statement from IMM Cause of Color Change Precipitation

İBB continues its studies on the color change in the Golden Horn. As a result of the investigations carried out by İSKİ and the Marine Services Directorate, it was determined that the color change in the Golden Horn was caused by seasonal rains and melting snow waters. Periodic cleaning and bottom sludge removal works continue uninterruptedly.

In addition to filling the dams, the increased rainfall in the last few weeks also had an impact on the Golden Horn. The color of the water of the Golden Horn changed, it took a muddy appearance. According to the information given by İSKİ and the Marine Services Directorate, which started intensive studies on the subject, the source of the problem is seasonal precipitation.


IMM regularly performs the maintenance, repair, control and cleaning of the streams and rainwater lines flowing in the Golden Horn Basin. In the examination of İSKİ and Maritime Services Directorate teams; It was determined that as a result of heavy rains, leaf and branch pieces from green areas flow into the sea through streams and rainwater channels, resulting in the appearance of a large garbage layer on the sea surface.

Sea Surface Cleaning Boats (DYT) and Mobile Coastal Cleaning Teams located in the Golden Horn regularly collect heavy floating wastes from Alibeyköy and Kağıthane streams with precipitation.

67 thousand 914 cubic meters of bottom mud was removed

İBB continues its dredging and cleaning works in the Golden Horn throughout the year. In this context, 2021 thousand 64 cubic meters of mud were removed as a result of the dredging works carried out in the Golden Horn in 967. Bottom dredging works continue uninterruptedly in 2022 as well; As of February 2022, a total of 823 cubic meters of sewage (waste such as sand, stone, tree roots, solid oil) was sent to the sludge disposal sites, which were dredged and removed, as 124 cubic meters from the Golden Horn and 2 cubic meters from the Kağıthane stream connecting to the Golden Horn.

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