DS Automobiles Brings Track Electric Expertise to the Road

DS Automobiles Brings Track Electric Expertise to the Road
DS Automobiles Brings Track Electric Expertise to the Road

DS Automobiles, which has become the multi-energy brand with the lowest CO2020 emissions in Europe with its 100% electric models as of 2, continues to accelerate this transformation. Announcing that in 2024, the entire model family will consist of 100% electric models, the luxury automobile manufacturer continues to offer the technologies of the future with the electric models it has developed in this direction. Formula E drivers' and constructors' championship two years in a row kazanThe DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE prototype, designed by the DS PERFORMANCE team to carry the technological developments of the future to the present, stands out as one of the most important indicators of this transformation. DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE stands out as a unique model with its carbon monocoque chassis, dual electric motor with 600 kW (815 hp) and all-wheel drive system. DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE fascinates automobile lovers as the model that combines the chassis structure, power unit and battery, which offers innovative solutions for future E-TENSE serial production models, and the fascinating DS Automobiles design.

DS Automobiles, one of the leading French manufacturers of the premium automobile world, continues to offer flawless lines and innovative technologies together. The French manufacturer, which has placed electrification at the center of its strategy since its first launch in 2014, became the first premium manufacturer to join Formula E in line with this strategy. It continues to use its experiences in the race of 100% electric vehicles to support its research and development studies for sustainable mobility. As the best example of this, the DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE prototype draws attention. Dazzling with its flawless lines, the model symbolizes the highest point of technology with its drivetrain inspired by Formula E's racing vehicles and its carbon monocoque body. Its superior suspension geometry is designed to guarantee the best possible handling in all weather conditions and on roads such as city racetracks, which are often bumpy. With all these features and its 100% electric structure, the DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE prototype reveals the driving dynamics of the future.

Formula E brings its expertise to the road


DS PERFORMANCE Director Thomas Chevaucher, emphasizing the superior technology of the 100% electric model, said, “Our aim is to combine our experience in Formula E and our international titles kazanApplying our expertise to a project that envisions the high-performance electric car of tomorrow. This is a lab we will use to analyze the behavior of components and develop them for future production. Our aim with this application is also to find solutions to reduce costs, facilitate their production and discover applications in production models. Future generations of the E-TENSE series will benefit from these improvements.”

DS Automobiles design language of the future

The DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE model, which is seen as a very high performance laboratory for the mass production electric models of the future, also provides a field of discovery for DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS with its flawless design. Instead of the grille, a new expression surface has been designed in front of the vehicle, making the front of the vehicle much more striking. This application, which is currently used with DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE, creates a special three-dimensional effect by incorporating the DS Automobiles logo in a design reminiscent of a store window.

The new daytime running lights on both sides of the vehicle, consisting of a total of 800 LEDs, combine technology and design with unprecedented refinement to provide a wide range of illumination. Two cameras positioned in the headlights' position, on the other hand, complete the visual identity of DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE, allowing this impressive car to collect important data. The exterior design of the model, which also stands out with its large 21-inch wheels, is complemented by its aerodynamic structure and attractive color.

A different car in every way


The model, which draws attention with its 100% electric structure and new design approach, is offered in a color with a variable effect to harmonize with the aerodynamic line. Thanks to this technology, which creates a striking contrast effect with the glossy black surfaces extending up to the hood by changing the color perception according to the outdoor conditions and the angle of view, the color of the vehicle changes according to the point of view.

Formula E performance combined with comfort

Moving to the interior of the vehicle, it manages to take the innovative feeling it gives from the outside to the next level. In addition to the cockpit, which is high-tech and designed to collect data, high performance and superior technology make itself felt with race-inspired bucket-shaped seats and a Formula E steering wheel. Comfort and attention to detail are also evident in the special additional upholstery in black leather. To complete the compatibility with the DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE, the in-car FOCAL Utopia sound system and a pair of exclusive Scala Utopia Evo speakers in Focal and prototype colors are included. Manufactured using the best components, these French silver-coloured equipment offer a special sound quality.

815 hp, zero emissions


DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE, one of the most important symbols of electric transformation without sacrificing performance, demonstrates this with two electric motors producing 250 kW at the front and 350 kW at the rear. These two engines, which can produce a total of 815 hp and transmit 8.000 Nm of torque to the wheels, are directly derived from the DS PERFORMANCE developments designed for Formula E. DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE's powertrain also prioritizes the best use of energy, with a unique 600 kW regeneration capacity that demonstrates an outstanding performance. Although physically DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE retains a brake system with brake discs and pads for safety reasons, only the regeneration system can be used for braking.

Battery technology of the future in today's car

One of the fundamental parts of the DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE laboratory for superior performance is the battery. The compact battery is housed in a carbon-aluminum composite coating designed by the DS PERFORMANCE team. The battery of DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE, which is placed in an area in the middle of the rear for optimum weight distribution, is positioned with inspiration from electric vehicle racing, like the rest of the car. Developed by TotalEnergies and its subsidiary Saft and its subsidiary, the Quartz EV Fluid solution reveals an innovative chemistry and an inclusive cooling system for cells, far beyond today's technology, thanks to the custom design of the Quartz EV Fluid solution. This battery not only benefits acceleration and regeneration stages up to 600 kW, but also explores new avenues for next-generation series production vehicles.

Formula E champions start testing

The real performance data of DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE is revealed in the testing of Formula E champions. As of February 2022, the DS PERFORMANCE team started to organize their first tests with the DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE. Formula E champions, E-TENSE representatives Jean-Éric Vergne and Antonio Felix da Costa take turns behind the wheel of the prototype to complete the development of the design before starting tests on the tracks and open roads.

DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE will also be launched as NFT

DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE, a physical one-off prototype, was also launched in NFT format in February. 100 DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE “100' Series – 100% Electric” – with one NFT for this vehicle to be auctioned every day, DS Automobiles took the first step into this world. A 100-day auction will then be launched for the two “2' Series – DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE models limited to 0-100km/h in 50s”.

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