Line Technology is Growing with Domestic Production

Line Technology is Growing with Domestic Production
Line Technology is Growing with Domestic Production

Carrying out domestic production under the Artech brand, industrial computer manufacturer Cizgi Teknoloji continues to invest in this direction.

Within the framework of the vision of the "National Technology Move" in the Turkish industry, studies for high technology and high value-added, domestic and national production are continuing. While the "2023 Industry and Technology Strategy" document became the roadmap for realizing the goal of "National Technology, Strong Industry", the domestic production and domestic product usage rate of critical technologies in the defense industry was increased from 20 percent to over 70 percent as a result of the studies carried out. Turkey's achievements in the defense industry with its "Industry and Technology Strategy" kazanIt is aimed to expand the initiatives to other sectors as well.

In this framework, Cizgi Teknoloji, which also has an R&D center and attaches importance to innovation, collects the products it develops in three product groups, namely "Industrial Computers", "Medical Computers", "Digital Signage / Kiosk Systems", and brings it to the market and users with the 100% domestic Artech brand. offers to your liking.

The company's products are included in many of the prestigious projects in Turkey such as city hospitals, airports and subways, meeting the needs of the Turkish army in the defense industry. At the same time, on the industrial side, it is a large part of industrial companies operating in Turkey from different sectors from machinery manufacturing to automotive, metal processing to food and textile. section is preferred.


While developed countries determine their plans and strategies in areas such as informatics and technology based on domestic and national production, they are united in the view that importing technology will pose a risk in terms of economy, security and sustainability. Closing the foreign trade deficit by reducing domestic and national production and imports will make great contributions to the Turkish economy and companies in terms of exports. At the same time, products with the "Made in Turkey" logo will be exported to new markets as well as to markets that have reached maturity in the world.

Aiming to bring its 27 years of domestic market experience and know-how in the industry to the world, Cizgi Teknoloji aims to generate half of its revenues from exports in the next three years. Establishing a company based in Canada and taking action in line with these targets, the company plans to carry out activities especially for the European and North American markets through the companies to be included within its body.


Emphasizing that they are one of the companies that take the concept of “locality” into action rather than rhetoric, Cizgi Teknoloji Sales, Marketing and Operations Director Mehmet Berk said, “We do not consider it as domestic production to introduce some products from abroad to the market in Turkey with a small added value. Much further than this, we are talking about a domestic production that will provide maximum added value. In this sense, we have very serious investments. We are constantly trying to maximize our contribution to the added value and production of the products we produce, with our machinery investments in our factory.” said.


Stating that they had to bring some parts such as intermediate products and raw materials from abroad, Berk emphasized that they created a significant added value by realizing these parts in Turkey with their own resources and from engineering to integration, from design to assembly, from testing and certification to branding and marketing.


Expressing that they aim to make new investments that will bring the added value to the highest value by further increasing the work they do within their own structure, Berk concluded his words as follows:

“Because the costs of the parts we call intermediate products and raw materials are high and have a serious proportion in the product costs. Therefore, in order to increase the added value in your products, you have to add some things as much as possible by increasing the operations within your own organization. This is possible with R&D and innovation as well as investment. In this context, we have made serious investments so far and we aim to continue these in the coming period.”

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