Buca Metro Will Carry One Tenth Of Izmir's Population Every Day

Buca Metro Will Carry One Tenth Of Izmir's Population Every Day
Buca Metro Will Carry One Tenth Of Izmir's Population Every Day

The foundation of Buca Metro is laid with the participation of CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. İzmir flocked to Buca for the groundbreaking ceremony of the investment, which is not only a transportation project but also a source of employment. Speaking at the ceremony, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerStating that the Buca Metro is the most important public transportation project of the city, he said, "We are launching the biggest investment in İzmir's history, right in the middle of the economic crisis."

President Tunç SoyerHere's his entire speech:

“If one day you have to defend the Independence and the Republic, you will not think about the possibilities and conditions of the situation you will be in in order to take office. This possibility and circumstance can manifest in a very unfavorable manner. The nation may be devastated and exhausted due to poverty.

“Yes, unfortunately, Turkey is going through perhaps the most difficult days in its history since the establishment of the Turkish Republic. Our nation is devastated and exhausted by poverty and necessity. Here, now, here… Despite these unfavorable circumstances, we are laying the foundation of the Buca metro, which will change the fate of İzmir. With the inspiration we received from our ancestors, we fulfill our duty without thinking about the impossibilities of the situation we are in. In the midst of the economic crisis, we are launching the biggest investment in İzmir's history. The journey of the Buca Metro, the most overdue public transportation project of Izmir, Turkey's third largest city, begins here today.

 Buca Metro will carry one tenth of Izmir's population every day

One out of ten İzmir residents, that is, 400 thousand İzmir residents, will use this line a day. The transportation time between Çamlıkule, the furthest neighborhood of Buca, and İzmir Bay will be reduced to 15 minutes. The metro will move every 90 seconds during the busiest hours of transportation. A total of 20 train sets, each consisting of six wagons, will run on the line.

We are making this huge investment with the resources of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, without receiving a single penny of support from the central government. Moreover, under the conditions of the economic crisis that I have just described… I would like to tell you the story of this success step by step. Due to its correct and transparent financial management, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's international credit rating is 3A. So at the highest level. Thanks to this strong financial structure and high credit rating, we obtained an international investment loan of 490 million Euros for Buca Metro. We will repay this loan in 12 years, with four years of principal repayment.

“Buca Metro is one of the most affordable metro investments in the world”

The expected annual operating income from the Buca Metro, which will cost 765 million Euros with its trains, is approximately 45 million Euros. Buca Metro is one of the highest feasibility metro investments in the world. While it takes 30 years for a subway to finance itself around the world, we will do it in half the time.

In addition, we are currently transporting 400 thousand passengers to be carried by Buca Metro by buses and minibuses. For each passenger, we make an additional 5 lira per day from the municipality's budget. Since the transportation cost per person in the rail system is much lower, this support will no longer be needed after the Buca Metro. With the Buca Metro, our buses in the region will travel 13.075 kilometers less and 902 fewer trips. We will save at least eight thousand liters of fuel per day. As a result of all these, our Municipality will save 48 million Euros per year. Moreover, the air we breathe will be purified. In short, Buca Metro is a smart savings project that pays for itself. This simple calculation that I have described is a strong response of Izmir to the government, which for years could not or did not bring the Buca Metro, which has such a high feasibility, despite holding all the resources of the public.

“It will be the lifeblood of Izmir economy”

Buca Metro is not just a transportation project for İzmir. It is also a source of employment. 300 engineers and 2 thousand 500 personnel will work in the project. As in the Çiğli Tram, we require the employment of young engineers in the construction of the Buca Metro. It is not only the project employees who will earn their living from the Buca Metro. All tradesmen, manufacturing and service sectors in the region will benefit from this investment. Metro investment will be the lifeblood of Izmir's economy in this difficult period. Buca Metro, one of the first driverless rail systems in Turkey, with its 13.5 kilometers length and 11 stations, will give a great breath to all Izmir traffic. It will create 70% relief in traffic. The feature of Buca Metro is that it is the first uninterrupted public transportation corridor connecting the Izmir coast to the interior. Therefore, it is a historical project not only in terms of its size, but also in terms of the urban development of İzmir.

We are connecting our three rail lines with the Buca Metro, that is, we are covering İzmir with iron nets. Buca Metro will intersect with Narlıdere - Bornova metro line at Üçyol, İZBAN and Şirinyer, and Karabağlar - Gaziemir metro line to be built in the coming period at General Asım Gündüz Station.

“We will bring the Buca Metro to İzmir in four years”

We will bring the Buca Metro, the foundation of which we laid today, to İzmir in four years. Because the financing has been provided and the payment will be made as the construction continues. We will crown the second century of the Republic with democracy in İzmir and carry it forward with the Buca Metro. İzmir will continue to be the locomotive of the bright future of the country as it always has been. I would like to thank all my colleagues who we walked together on this journey and who shed their sweat for their efforts and hearts.
I would like to thank our President, Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who shielded his chest to bury poverty in history and re-establish justice and democracy in Turkey. We are grateful to him for honoring us by coming to Izmir today. May it be beneficial and auspicious for our Buca, İzmir and our country, the biggest investment in İzmir history.

Buca Metro Stations

The line, which forms the 5th stage of the İzmir Light Rail System, will serve between Üçyol Station and Dokuz Eylül University Tınaztepe Campus Çamlıkule. The length of the line, which will be passed through a deep tunnel using the TBM machine, will be 13,5 kilometers and will consist of 11 stations.

  1. Üçyol
  2. Zafertepe
  3. Bozyaka
  4. General Asim Gunduz
  5. Şirinyer
  6. Buca Municipality
  7. butchers
  8. Hasanaga Garden
  9. Dokuz Eylul University
  10. Buca Koop
  11. Camlikule

Izmir Buca Metro Prepares for Groundbreaking Ceremony

Map of Buca Metro

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