BelPlas Products Are Offered For Sale On E-Commerce Sites

BelPlas Products Are Offered For Sale On E-Commerce Sites

BelPlas Products Are Offered For Sale On E-Commerce Sites

BelPlas A.Ş., one of the affiliates of the Metropolitan Municipality. It offered its products for sale on e-commerce sites. For the first time in Turkey, a municipality company sends many proprietary products, from liquid fertilizer to road marking paint, from de-icing solutions to cosmetic oils, to citizens and companies at affordable prices.

BelPlas Ankara Thermoplastic and Maintenance Repair Services Inc., one of the affiliates of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Many products produced by the company are offered for sale on the internet.

With the application implemented for the first time in Turkey, BelPlas A.Ş. Apart from the official website, on e-commerce sites such as "hepsiburada", "" and "", thermoplastic, double-component, cold road marking paint, turpentine, resin, de-icing solution BELÇÖZ, organic fertilizer, beneficial microorganisms, started the sale of many products such as garbage deodorizer, hand cleaning liquid and antibacterial soap.


The de-icing solution BELÇÖZ, which is used effectively in the fight against snow and ice by the Metropolitan Municipality teams and shows its effect up to minus 40 degrees, became one of the most demanded products with the start of internet sales.

BELÇÖZ, the de-icing solution used in the entrances and exits of the metro as well as in the streets, boulevards, sidewalks and overpasses of the Başkent, has no abrasive effect and does not harm asphalt, concrete, pavement, metal parts and vehicles, and has started to be preferred with its environmentally friendly formula.

The deicing solution, which can be easily used in places where large trucks or salting vehicles cannot enter, and developed by BelPlas R&D engineers, also successfully passed the toxicology tests of the General Directorate of Highways R&D Chemistry Laboratory and Yeditepe University R&D and Analysis Laboratory.


BelPlas A.Ş., which started the production of innovative products by expanding its production areas since 2019. produces and sells many organic and chemical products.

BelPlas A.Ş., which meets customer demands and needs in a timely manner, in accordance with national and international standards and specifications on the basis of production and application, environmentally friendly, price and competitive environment. continues to undertake important R&D studies to increase the basic quality level. Stating that BelPlas provides a practical shopping experience to e-commerce consumers with its secure payment methods, reasonable price policy and cargo tracking service, BelPlas Deputy General Manager Dr. Mustafa Hazman gave the following information about the new application:

“BelPlas was classically a paint factory. Together with our Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, this factory turned to products that provide social and public benefits such as fertilizer, de-icing solution, disinfectant, beneficial microorganisms. We have opened these products to the national and international markets for the first time in the history of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. For example, we sell paint to Turkic countries such as Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and countries such as Iraq and Moldova, and we go and apply it. Apart from this, we offered our BELÇÖZ, fertilizer and other products for sale on websites such as 'Trendyol', 'HepsiBura', 'N11' in Turkey. These sales made in the national market are for social and public benefit. For example, when the passing dollar increased too much, fertilizer companies stopped sales. Of course, we did not do this, we continued our sales. Together with our colleagues, we are expanding our company by focusing on works that prioritize social and public benefit, and we make sales for the benefit of our people without profit.”
BelPlas sends its own products to the whole world, especially Turkey, via e-commerce method. Individuals and companies that want to purchase products on the Internet can use the following links:

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