Ankara Public Bread Sales Buffet Draw Has Been Concluded

Ankara Public Bread Sales Buffet Draw Has Been Concluded
Ankara Public Bread Sales Buffet Draw Has Been Concluded

Ankara Public Bread Factory held a live broadcast draw in the presence of a notary public for a total of 12 sales kiosks, one of which is new. In the first draw of 2022, a total of 12 bread sales kiosks in Altındağ, Çankaya, Keçiören, Mamak and Polatlı found their new owners, while the number of bread sales kiosks in the city rose to 421.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Factory is increasing the number of bread sales kiosks day by day.

Expanding its service network in order to provide better quality service to the citizens of the capital and to meet the increasing demand, Halk Bread Factory held the first bread sales kiosk drawing of 2022 in the presence of the 12th Notary of Ankara.

A total of 3 bread sales kiosks, 2 in Altındağ, 4 in Çankaya, 2 in Keçiören, 1 in Mamak and 12 in Polatlı, ABB TV, Youtube It was broadcast live on his channel and social media accounts.


The owners of 12 bread sales kiosks, one of which will be opened for the first time, were found in the drawing of lots held at the Halk Bread Factory Conference Hall.

People's Bread Factory Deputy General Manager Ümit Sevdi also participated in the lottery. At the end of the lottery draw, 12 beneficiaries are entitled to operate bread sales kiosks for two years. kazanwas.


Stating that the number of bread sales kiosks in Ankara has increased to 421 with the last draw, Sevdi said that they will continue to increase the number of Ankara bagels and bakery products, especially the bread varieties produced untouched and under hygienic conditions.

Emphasizing that the interest in bread products, which are consumed lovingly and safely by the citizens of the capital, is increasing day by day, and the daily bread production has been increased to approximately 1 million, Sevdi gave the following information:

“Halk Ekmek Fabrikası strives to provide the best service to the valued Ankara residents by delivering bread to 421 kiosks and factory outlets at any time of the day. As always, we have adopted this understanding of service as a principle. Since we are going through the pandemic period, we aim to maximize consumer satisfaction and friendly service understanding, especially hygiene measures, in our bread buffets. We have started the period of change and transformation. In this period, we started to give importance to technological investments. We have some projects in 2022. Our R&D and P&D team are constantly enriching our product range in both existing bread varieties and bakery products. We plan to include three new sourdough breads in the coming days.”

People's Bread Factory; It continues to serve its citizens with 421 Başkent Market Branches, 7 Factory Outlets and 4 Baskent Buffets, in particular 3 Public Bread Sales Buffet.

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