ABB Capital Increases Number of Smart Junctions That Relieve Traffic

ABB Capital Increases Number of Smart Junctions That Relieve Traffic
ABB Capital Increases Number of Smart Junctions That Relieve Traffic

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to produce permanent solutions for the increasing urban traffic. The "Smart Junction System", which works with loop detectors and pedestrian buttons that will reduce the traffic density and save fuel in the capital, has been put into operation at 142 points throughout the city. Thanks to the system, the waiting time at red light is also reduced to a minimum.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is implementing projects that will ease transportation and make it more comfortable in the Capital, one by one.

The Signaling and Infrastructure Branch Directorate of the Department of Science and Technology switched 142 junctions, located in different locations throughout the city, to the Smart Intersection System. Working through the loop detector and pedestrian button, the system instantly determines the times according to the density of vehicles at the intersections. The system also provides real-time traffic guidance by minimizing the waiting time at red lights.


Bringing together the projects that save both time and fuel by relieving Ankara's traffic, the Metropolitan Municipality equips the main roads with traffic density, especially at peak hours, with Smart Junction Systems.

The system that gives a breath to the points where the traffic density increases; It works through loop detectors and pedestrian buttons placed on the main road, side road and left turns. The system also instantly determines the duration of the traffic lights by taking the vehicle density information from the intersections and the vehicle density information at the next intersections.

Stating that the Smart Junction System, which they increased in number throughout the city, made a great contribution to the traffic order and relieved the traffic, Signalization and Infrastructure Branch Manager Mehmet Karabayır shared the following information:

“As the Signaling and Infrastructure Branch Directorate, we continue to equip our Capital with Smart Junction Systems. As of 2019, we accelerated our work and increased the number of intersections to 142. The biggest advantage of these intersections is that the traffic lights distribute their time in the most efficient way. Our system, which minimizes waiting times at red lights, makes a great contribution to traffic. We set up this system with our own technical staff and using our infrastructure. In this way, we save 80%. We are currently working on intersections across Ankara.”


The Smart Junction System provides an advantage to drivers by minimizing the drivers' waiting times at red lights and preventing time loss.

While the system distributes traffic times in the most efficient way during peak hours, it shortens waiting times at red lights during off-peak hours. Since the times are fixed in the existing systems, the green light is on on the roads where there are no vehicles. kazanThanks to these times, waiting times at red lights are minimized.

As of 2019, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has made 73 intersections smart, has increased the number of smart intersections to 142 so far.

-Akyurt district Nurettin Cankurtaran Avenue-Süleymaniye Avenue- Şehit Tezcan Özdemir Avenue intersection,

-Akyurt district Nurettin Cankurtaran Street -Selimiye Street-Köroğlu Street intersection,

-Keçiören district is making plans for a smart intersection at the intersection of Seval Street and Nevşehir Street.

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