Young Women Creating Their Future Project Introduced in Istanbul

Young Women Creating Their Future Project Introduced in Istanbul
Young Women Creating Their Future Project Introduced in Istanbul

Our Minister of Family and Social Services, Derya Yanık, said, “All young women between the ages of 18-29, neither in employment nor in education, but especially young women, are a treasure for us.” said.

To ensure the empowerment of young women aged 18-29, who are neither in education nor in employment (NEET), and their active participation in social and economic life, in cooperation with the Ministry of Family and Social Services and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Sabancı Foundation. The “Young Women Who Create Their Future Project” was introduced.

Speaking at the program, the Minister of Family and Social Services, Yanık, stated that as the Ministry, they work to raise the status of women and strengthen their social position in every field, both in services and projects and in the work they are involved in. We run our projects.” said.

“We also enjoy the advantages of our qualified human resources”

Minister Yanık pointed out that youth unemployment is one of the main issues that developed countries have focused on in recent years, but that they are also faced with a different reality that includes a deeper and more complex context than youth unemployment, and said: It also includes individuals who are not economically active due to involuntary reasons such as participation in household chores. We have a dynamic population, with approximately one-third of its population under the age of 18. As Turkey, our most important wealth is our human resources. We also enjoy the advantages of our qualified human resources in many areas.” he said.

Stating that Turkey is also a country that is aging very rapidly, Minister Yanık said:

“Unfortunately, our aging rate is far ahead of similar examples in the world. With the aging of our population, the demographic window of opportunity is slowly closing for us, as in European countries. The aging population and its effects will occupy more of our agenda in the coming years. In this sense, we must transform the advantage of our young and dynamic population into a future-oriented gain and make this advantage sustainable. That's why the NEET group, the whole 18-29 age group, is a treasure for us, neither in employment nor in education, but especially young women.”

Minister Yanık stated that the identification of young people who are neither in education nor in employment and their reintegration into the labor market or education will contribute not only to their personal benefits, but also to the increase of the social and economic welfare of the society.

Noting that the population of the 2021-15 age group, who can neither take part in education nor employment, is 24 million 3 thousand people, according to the third quarter data of TUIK for 115, Burning said, “The ratio of this figure to the population in this range is 26 percent. That is, one-fourth. About 3 million of the 115 million 2 thousand young people are women. This data points us to a meaningful situation, unfortunately there are more women among the unemployed and within the NEET group.” said.

“We expect our 1 million children to benefit”

Explaining their work on youth and women's employment, Yanık continued as follows:

“Today, one of the biggest responsibilities of societies is the obligation to present the right direction and roadmap to their youth. It is easier for societies that have determined their direction correctly to increase their welfare in peace and security and to share the resulting prosperity. In this direction, it is of great importance to increase the compulsory education, which was implemented by the Ministry of National Education as of the 2012-2013 academic year, to 12 years. With this application, which aims to prevent school dropouts, all of our youth have completed their secondary education. After this big step, our governments' economic support comes to families who cannot send their children between the ages of 6 and 17 to school or have to take them out of school due to financial difficulties. Social Economic Support and Conditional Cash Transfers are among our educational aids provided that families send their children to school regularly. Again, our kindergarten/kindergarten support, which has just taken its place among our social assistance, makes it easier for our children to continue their education by providing early schooling. We expect 1 million of our children to benefit from this. Research shows that early participation in education has a significant impact on continuing education.”

“We reached 54 thousand students”

Minister Yanık, who said that within the service and support range of the Ministry, continues to work on young women in the NEET population group, "Financial Literacy and Women's Economic Empowerment Seminars" is one of these studies. Approximately 700 thousand people have received training in the seminars held under the coordination of the provincial directorates of our Ministry to understand financial issues and risks and to support women's participation in economic life. “Turkey's Engineer Girls Project” is another support project of ours. With the project, 710 female students studying in Engineering Faculties, under the leadership of our Ministry, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Private Sector, benefited from our scholarship program, internship, employment, English language training, certificate programs and mentoring, and they continue to benefit. As part of the high school program, we reached 54 thousand students with awareness and awareness raising activities.” used the phrases.

“We are working together”

Minister Yanık stated that among the issues they care about is that women are more active in economic activities and business life, and that women's cooperatives offer an important potential especially in the development of women's entrepreneurship in the local area, and said, "In order to improve the institutional capacity of women's cooperatives and increase their visibility, under the coordination of our Ministry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and We are working in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce. Within the scope of the "Strengthening Women's Cooperatives Cooperation Protocol" that we signed, we established Women's Cooperatives working groups in 81 provinces. We reached approximately 825 thousand people through 40 workshops, training and information meetings we held through working groups, and we enabled the establishment of 525 new women's cooperatives. The number of newly established women's co-operatives changes at each of my meetings. I started with 400, now it's 420,430, now it's 525. We offer support in this regard. We provide encouragement and logistical support, but I would like to thank our stakeholders in local administrations who established the cooperatives that carried out these works and supported their establishment.” said.

The project will last for 3 years

Emphasizing that they attach great importance to every project and every effort that will strengthen strategies in achieving future goals, Minister Yanık said:

“I have always stated that we are ready to cooperate with our institutions, non-governmental organizations and private sector representatives that act with this vision. I believe that the 'Young Women Who Create Their Future Project', which we announced to have started here today, will be one of the projects that will set an example in this sense. I think that we have created our project together with a very comprehensive and holistic perspective, which will include activities such as conducting current situation and needs analysis, preparing training programs, developing policy recommendations, and enabling young NEET women to access education, internship and job opportunities in the digital environment. I hope that our project, which will last for 3 years and we will carry out as a multi-stakeholder, will result in good luck for the young women of our country, and be a strong step before their big dreams.”

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