Turkey's Longest Range Electric Scooter 'Horwin EK3'

Turkey's Longest Range Electric Scooter 'Horwin EK3'
Turkey's Longest Range Electric Scooter 'Horwin EK3'

With increasing automobile prices and concern about environmental pollution, electric scooters are attracting attention as an individual means of transportation. The EK3 model of the Horwin brand scooter, whose R&D was carried out in Germany and Austria and produced in China, promises the longest range in Turkey with its single and double battery pack.

It is a fact that pocket-friendly vehicles have started to attract attention with the gasoline hike. When environmental protection awareness is added to this thought, it is possible to say that brands will direct their investments to environmentally friendly and economical transportation vehicles.

In the future electric vehicles

The EK3 model, which is the electric scooter of the Horwin brand with the Red Dot Design award, one of the world's most prestigious design awards held in Germany, will be presented to users in April 2022 with the launch of the product's Turkish representative, Isotlar Motor.

Emphasizing that the new generation electric vehicles that are economical and environmentally friendly will find a greater place in our daily lives in the future, Isotlar Motor Motorcycle Operations Director Ali Erokan Karakoç said, “As Isotlar Motor, a brand that represents the world's leading motorcycles in Turkey, it attracts great attention from environmentally friendly users in European countries. We are proud of being able to put the Horwin EK3 Electric Scooter on sale in Turkey in April 2022, which we believe will attract the attention of many different segments with its unique style. The batteries of the model, which will be offered for sale with a double-battery package in order to provide longer use to electric scooter users, will be able to be filled in 4 hours compared to its competitors.

We are confident that the Horwin EK3 model, which promises comfort to its users with its bulky stance, and the EK1, which is offered as an economical version, will also be preferred with its striking colors.”

Electric vehicle for everyone

Stating that Horwin EK3, which was awarded the design award in Germany, can be used by everyone thanks to its striking front panel and remote control, Karakoç said, “With its single and double battery pack, fast charging model, remote control, simple-to-understand front panel and alarm system. We are confident that the Horwin EK3 will offer electric scooter lovers a comfortable and safe ride.” He gave the good news that the Horwin CR6 model, which is preparing to make a difference with its aggressive and environmentally friendly stance, will enter the Turkish market towards the summer months.

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