Turkey's first Automotive Main Industry Sustainability Report Published

Turkey's first Automotive Main Industry Sustainability Report Published
Turkey's first Automotive Main Industry Sustainability Report Published

📩 11/02/2022 15:01

Automotive Industry Association (OSD), which is the umbrella organization of the sector with its 13 largest members that shape the Turkish automotive industry, has published Turkey's first Automotive Main Industry Sustainability Report. The report, which has a limited number of examples around the world; It sheds light on the competence level of the Turkish automotive main industry in the focus of sustainability.

Automotive Industry Association (OSD), which is the umbrella organization of the sector with its 13 largest members that shape the Turkish automotive industry, broke new ground in this process where the automotive industry went through a radical change. In this context, OSD has published Turkey's first Automotive Main Industry Sustainability Report with the contributions of all its members. In the report, which was prepared within the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, taking into account the data for 2020 and before, the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) was taken into account and the Sustainable Development Goals were also included. In addition to the sustainability report; The Turkish Automotive Industry Life Cycle Assessment Report, which comprehensively evaluates all environmental aspects of production and all stages from the acquisition of raw materials to the disposal of waste after use, has also been published.

OSD Chairman Haydar Yenigün, who made explanations about the report, said, “Since our establishment as OSD; We have taken it as our duty to contribute to the development of the industry by raising our targets to higher levels. We are very pleased to publish the first sustainability report of our main industry in order to protect and develop the current success of our industry in the global platform and to shed light on the future policies of our country, as sustainability-oriented policies are gaining importance day by day.”

“Our facilities are in competition with those in Europe”

Emphasizing that climate-oriented policies, which gained momentum with the European Green Agreement, will cause the competitiveness of countries to be reshaped, Yenigün said that holistic policies are necessary for the successful management of the transition process. Stating that the automotive industry comes to the fore in the global automotive industry with its qualified manpower, high level of competence in R&D and production, Yenigün said, “Our environmental performance is achieved by the fact that the automotive main industry facilities in our country are relatively new compared to the facilities in Europe and the best technologies are applied. It competes with it,” he said.

The report reveals the level reached by OSD members!

Yenigün said, "We continue to make new investments and improvement works in order to increase our environmental performance in our production facilities with the principle of continuous improvement," and added, "In the last 10 years, our greenhouse gases, energy use and waste water amount per vehicle have been reduced by approximately 30 percent in light vehicle production. In addition to contributing to the country's economy with production, exports and employment, we also contribute to the recycling of wastes. For example, 2020 percent of the waste generated at our production facilities was recycled in 97. In addition, we implement projects in line with very important Sustainable Development Goals such as education and gender equality. I believe that this report will be instrumental in seeing the successful level of OSD members in all these areas and the contribution they have made to our country, both at the national and international level.”

Saying that the Automotive Main Industry Sustainability Report will set an example for other industries, Yenigün said, “We see this study, which has very limited examples in the world's automotive sector representative associations, as an important step for Turkey. I believe this report will be a multidimensional reference that evaluates the automotive industry, which is a multi-stakeholder sector, from all aspects.”

Turkey is a global R&D and production base in the automotive industry!

In OSD's comprehensive report consisting of a total of 100 pages, it is stated that the automotive industry has transformed Turkey into a global R&D and production base in the automotive industry and said, “We have been the export leader in our country for 2 years with our constantly improving performance and production capacity that we have increased to 16 million units. In line with our sustainable success target, we also fulfill our environmental and social responsibilities. We continue our progress towards the future in line with the Sustainable Development Goals we adopt.

In the report emphasizing that climate change requires a comprehensive struggle; In this regard, together with the Paris Agreement and the climate policies of the countries, the reduction of greenhouse gases gains importance on the way to climate neutral goals. In the report, it is emphasized that the automotive industry takes care to fulfill its social responsibilities along with its targets; It was stated that the number of women working in the main industry is 5 thousand 312, and projects are being carried out to increase this number.

Risks faced by the automotive industry!

In the section of the report titled “Risks Encountered by the Automotive Industry”, it was reminded that OSD predicted the risks that the industry may face and presented these issues to the relevant government departments. In the report, it was also mentioned that studies are carried out within the scope of storing data and processing this data in order to contribute to the development of R&D activities of the automotive industry. In the report, it is stated that a series of global trends such as green growth policies, technological developments, rapid urbanization in emerging markets and changes in consumer behavior create factors that will change the dynamics of the automotive industry; It was stated that trends such as the internet of things, robotics, automation and 'super grids' mean that automotive and logistics will be further integrated.

The supply industry has a critical role!

In the report, it was stated that the R&D centers of OSD members made an R&D expenditure of 2020 billion TL as of 2,4. In the section titled “Supply Industry and Value Chain” of the report, it was emphasized that the supply industry has a critical role in Turkey's successful and competitive position, and it was stated that “The supply industry needs to put the transforming product groups into operation in the fastest, most reliable and most competitive way”.

Tackling the climate crisis…

In the section titled "Environmental Performance", it was stated that climate change is an important risk factor for all humanity and environmental problems come to the fore among global risks, and if the target of keeping global warming below 1,5°C set by the Paris Agreement cannot be achieved, the climate change It was emphasized that the crisis will have very serious economic, social and environmental consequences. Seeing the EU's 2050 carbon neutral and Turkey's 2053 net zero targets as important steps towards combating the climate crisis, in this report of OSD, the European Green Consensus includes transportation, buildings, agriculture, industry, finance, foreign trade, etc. It was stated that there will be an important transformation in these fields, and that all these developments in both the EU and Turkey are closely followed by OSD.

In the section of the report titled “Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Carbon Footprint”, “According to LCA, approximately 70 percent of the carbon footprint of a vehicle is the usage phase. Our manufacturing companies continue their activities with the awareness of the importance of resource and energy efficiency in the production phase in order to reduce their impact on the environment. Within the scope of the European Green Agreement, the report, which states that "the EU has a zero pollution target in addition to its goal of being climate neutral in 2050", said, "With new investments and improvement works, the dye house volatile organic compound parameter of automobile production facilities increased by 2010 percent between 2020 and 17. has been reduced. Our member facilities have recovered and reused more than 2020 thousand cubic meters of wastewater in 300 with their investments in water technologies.

The priority issue is the protection of qualified workforce!

In the detailed report, in which it is stated that the protection and development of the qualified workforce, which is one of the most important competitiveness elements of the automotive industry, is the priority of the industry, it is stated that the OSD is the key to attracting qualified employees to the sector with talent management, creating working environments that will increase the performance of the employees, protecting diversity, ensuring equality of opportunity and continuously improving human resources processes. It was mentioned that the human resources policies of the members are the priorities.

Turkey Automotive Main Industry Sustainability Report

Turkish Automotive Industry Life Cycle Assessment Report

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