Minister Özer: 'The Reflection of the Omicron Variant to Our Schools is Extremely Low'

Minister Özer 'Reflection of Omicron Variant to Our Schools is Extremely Low'
Minister Özer 'Reflection of Omicron Variant to Our Schools is Extremely Low'

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, in his statement at the Governor's Office before the Provincial Education Evaluation Meeting within the scope of his Konya visit, stated that uninterrupted face-to-face education in schools will continue with the same determination in the second term.

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer made statements about face-to-face uninterrupted education during his visit to the Governor's Office in Konya, where he came to participate in the various openings and programs. Noting that they took the necessary precautions in a total of 71 thousand 320 schools in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Health Science Board, Özer said, "Just as we continued face-to-face education in the first period, we will continue on our way with the same determination in this period." said.

The reflection of the Omicron variant on schools is very low

Emphasizing that the country has a huge education system, Özer said: “An education system with approximately 850 thousand classrooms. As of today, face-to-face education has been suspended in only 850 of 50 thousand classrooms due to a case or close contact. As of now, although the prevalence of the Omicron variant is very high, its reflection on our schools is extremely low. The rate of closed classes is well below 1 percent. Hopefully, we will continue face-to-face education in our schools by paying attention to mask, distance and cleaning rules. The health of our children is very important to us. These measures are very important. It is very important to comply with these measures in out-of-school environments. Because all socialization spaces in society affect each other. Naturally, it also affects schools. That's why we ask our parents and our society to follow the health rules so that schools remain open to face-to-face education. Hopefully, this process will continue as it did in the first period.” Özer noted that they will evaluate the quality and situation of education in Konya, and they will make openings.

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