Famous Jazz Artist of the 80s Ahmet Muvaffak Falay Died

Famous Jazz Artist of the 80s Ahmet Muvaffak Falay Died
Famous Jazz Artist of the 80s Ahmet Muvaffak Falay Died

Jazz artist Ahmet Muvaffak Falay, who spent the last 2 years at IMM's Darülaceze Kayışdağı campus, passed away. Falay will be sent off on his last journey in his hometown of Kuşadası.

Ahmet Muvaffak Falay, the famous jazz artist of the 1980s, passed away. Falay has been living in the Kayışdağı campus of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Hospice Directorate for the last 2 years. The funeral of Ahmet Muvaffak Falay will be buried on February 23 in his hometown of Kuşadası, after the afternoon prayer.


Ahmet Muvaffak Falay; He was born on August 30, 1930 in Aydın province Kuşadası district. His family used to call him Mafilli when he was little, but later on he started to be known as Maffy.

His musical life, which started in Kuşadası band, continued with Ankara Conservatory. Falay, who played trumpet and piano for seven years, was one of those who welcomed the famous jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie during his visit to Turkey and was praised by Gillespie as a successful musician. Ahmet Muvaffak Falay, who settled in Sweden in the following period and continued his music life there, played trumpet in jazz orchestras in different countries of the world.

In 1985, he started his own jazz band and started giving concerts. She released the albums Sevda in 1992, we six in 1986, Maffy Falay Sextet in 1993, and Hank's Tune in 1996. In 2005, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award given by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts at the 12th Istanbul Jazz Festival. In 2011, his statue was erected in Kuşadası as part of the Golden Pigeon Music Competition.

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