The Cheapest and Most Expensive Flights of 2021 Announced

The Cheapest and Most Expensive Flights of 2021 Announced
The Cheapest and Most Expensive Flights of 2021 Announced

Air travel also increased in 2021, when travel bans eased and life began to return to normal. According to the announced data, the most expensive international flight ticket in the round-trip direction in 2021 was sold for 32.746,99 TL on the Istanbul - New York flight. The most expensive one-way international flight ticket, on the other hand, was on the Doha – Istanbul route for 28.347,99 TL.

2021 was a year in which the effects of the pandemic eased and travel restrictions were reduced. This situation has also revived air travel. In the 2021 Travel Report published by, the online flight ticket and bus ticket platform that draws attention with the statistics it shared last year, the most expensive domestic and international flight tickets of 2021, the most popular destinations, the months with the cheapest ticket prices and the most preferred Data on airline companies were shared. Accordingly, the most expensive one-way ticket was sold for 1.844,99 TL on the domestic flights Bodrum – Gaziantep flight, and 28.347,99 TL on the international flights Doha - Istanbul flight.

The most expensive and cheapest airline tickets of 2021

According to the data announced by, the most expensive round-trip international flight ticket was sold for 32.746,99 TL on the Istanbul - New York line. Last year, this record was recorded on the Mexico-Istanbul route. The cheapest airfare periods in 2021 were February, March, and May, when closure measures were implemented. The cheapest one-way domestic flight ticket of the year was bought for 80,40 TL on the Adana – Antalya flight, and a round-trip ticket for 149,65 TL at the same destination. The champions of the cheapness of the international lines were the Antalya - Munich line with 59,50 TL in one direction and the Kiev - Istanbul tickets with 456,10 TL for the round trip. As in previous years, flight ticket prices increased in July, August and December.

Most popular lines: Izmir – Istanbul, Istanbul – Baku

In the report, it is stated that the most travels took place in June in 2021, while the most popular destination in the country was Izmir - Istanbul. Izmir - Istanbul flights were followed by Istanbul - Antalya and Adana - Istanbul, respectively. The leader of the previous four years, the Istanbul - Baku route did not lose its position among international destinations this year as well. customers preferred Istanbul-Tashkent and Istanbul-Tehran routes after Istanbul-Baku. Amsterdam, the “most romantic destination” of the past years, left its place to the Maldives in the first quarter of the year, as couples preferred warm and safe holiday destinations. While Kiev and Baku ranked first as economic holiday alternatives, Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya remained the most traveled cities in domestic routes. While students preferred Baku, Kiev and Warsaw, customers over the age of 65 mostly flew to Hamburg.

“Global trends show that consumers will turn to flexible travel alternatives”

Sharing his views on the data showing that Pegasus is preferred mostly for domestic flights and Turkish Airlines for international flights, General Manager Dr. Kadir Kırmızı said, “The data we analyze every year offers important clues about the travel habits of consumers. From the 2021 Travel Report, it can be seen that the effects of the pandemic began to weaken from the middle of the year and travel habits began to normalize. As, we predict that in 2022, based on global trends, customers will turn to flexible travel alternatives and will prefer to be prepared for possible restrictions or other changes when planning their journeys. We will continue to respond to consumer needs both with our current flight ticket campaigns and our services such as 'Unconditional Ticket Cancellation'.

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