Brand Value of Vespa, Iconic Brand of Motorcycle World, Announced

Brand Value of Vespa, Iconic Brand of Motorcycle World, Announced
Brand Value of Vespa, Iconic Brand of Motorcycle World, Announced

Piaggio Group (PIA.MI), Europe's largest scooter and motorcycle manufacturer and one of the world's leaders in the industry, shared the details of the report that determines Vespa's brand value. The results of the shared report show that in 2021, Vespa's brand value is a total of 906 million euros. Commenting on the results of the report, Piaggio Group Director of Strategy, Products and Innovations Michele Colaninno said, “Vespa is much more than a transportation brand. It symbolizes art, design, technology and fun. Its uniqueness makes it one of the most admired and sought after fashion and lifestyle brands apart from being premium. We should see it beyond mere means of transportation and start comparing it with other global brands. That's why we asked Interbrand, the world's leading brand consultancy company, to determine and analyze the financial value of the Vespa brand. "This is not a finish line, but a new starting point as we continue to build Vespa's future."

Interbrand has announced the brand value of Vespa, based on the results of its research using proven, proprietary valuation techniques that bring together a comprehensive set of sources, market data and quantitative research conducted in 10 key markets. The findings in the report of the leading brand consultancy company Interbrand describe Vespa as “a unique, globally recognized brand thanks to the perfect combination of design, lifestyle and Italian heritage” and explains its brand value at 906 million Euros. While its brand value of 906 million Euros represents an important milestone for the beloved Italian brand, it also reveals the strong bond between the brand and its fans. In addition, it forms the starting point of the plan that takes Vespa to ambitious targets with innovations and global partnerships.

Vespa represents Italian DNA at its best. While becoming an immortal icon that inspires millions of people around the world with its legacy, it goes beyond the definition of a functional product and expresses a lifestyle. The brand stands out from its competitors thanks to the legacy that characterizes the Italian icon. Vespa goes beyond being a means of transportation in general and responds to needs such as self-expression and entertainment.

Interbrand Global Strategy Officer Manfredi Ricca, who started his evaluation with the words "'Iconic' is used a lot, but there is really no other way to describe this brand," said: "Vespa is a brand with a deep-rooted heritage. Yet it is constantly evolving. It's Italian in origin, but still loved around the world. Premium but still general. Our valuation studies not only express the desire and demand for this brand in numbers, but also show that Vespa is a reference point at the intersection of transportation, self-expression and culture.”

Vespa celebrated its 75th anniversary with the Vespa 75th Anniversary Special Series. More than 1946 million copies of this particular model have been produced and sold since 19. In the last 12 months, it has reached an important milestone. In addition, Vespa continues to resonate globally with the new Vespa 946 Christian Dior, presented in collaboration with Justin Bieber, and the Disney Pixar movie “Luca”, of which its plot and story are a part.

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