Special Electric Bus for the North American Market from Temsa!

Special Electric Bus for the North American Market from Temsa!
Special Electric Bus for the North American Market from Temsa!

Carrying its expertise in electric vehicles from Europe to the USA and Canada, TEMSA introduced the electric intercity bus model TS45E, which it developed specifically for the North American market. The TS2E, which has achieved great success in the test studies, whose design, engineering and all battery packaging were carried out in Adana with domestic facilities and continued in Silicon Valley for about 45 years, can travel approximately 4 kilometers with only a 400-hour charge.

TEMSA, one of the world's leading electric bus manufacturers, introduced the first electric version of its TS45 model vehicle, which attracted great attention in North America, at the 2022 UMA Motorcoach EXPO. The electric version of the TS2014 family, TS45E, which has been on the road in the USA and Canada since 45 and is among the most preferred products of the market in the motorcoach segment, continues its test drives at different locations in Silicon Valley, which has been one of the world's technology centers for almost two years, and the State of California. was making.

The TS45E, which has successfully passed all the tests and provides a significant cost advantage compared to its conventional engine rivals, especially in intercity distances, will be one of the pioneers of the transformation in the motorcoach segment with its high driving comfort, maximum passenger safety, advanced technology and zero emission features.

Speaking at the event, TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu stated that TEMSA is one of the leading manufacturers of the sector with its 54 years of experience, and that TEMSA branded vehicles, which have hit the roads in 66 countries around the world, have traveled 6 billion miles, which is equivalent to circumnavigating the world 240 thousand times. told.

Stating that the TS45E is the 4th electric vehicle in TEMSA's global product range, Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu said, “As a company that has placed smart mobility solutions at the core of its growth strategy, we are very happy to add our fourth electric vehicle to our product range. North America is one of the top priority markets in TEMSA's growth plans. We have had great success in this market for about 8 years. We have become one of the strongest players in this category, with our market share reaching 10 percent, especially in the motorcoach segment. Now, with our electric TS45E model and our renewed TS45 vehicle, we are bringing a brand new atmosphere to the market.”


Reminding that they exported their first electric vehicle to Sweden about a year ago, Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu said, “After Sweden, we started our electric vehicle deliveries in markets such as Czechia, Romania, Lithuania and France. With the strength we derive from our partners Sabancı Holding and Skoda Transportation, we will announce new agreements in the coming days. These vehicles, all of which are designed, engineered and packaged in our facilities in Adana, are the most concrete indication of TEMSA's expertise in electric vehicles and the high-tech infrastructure of the Turkish industry. Considering the export per kilo, each of these vehicles creates an export value reaching 20-30 times the average of Turkey. Therefore, this success is not only the success of TEMSA, but also the success of the Turkish economy and Turkish industry.”


Providing detailed information about the electric TS45E and the renewed TS45 model vehicles, TEMSA North America Country Director Fatih Kozan said, “Our TS45E model can travel approximately 4 kilometers with a charging time of only 400 hours. The battery packaging of the vehicle was also specially developed by TEMSA engineers according to North American conditions. We have integrated the single pedal technology, which we have also developed in-house, and which especially the drivers are very satisfied with, in this vehicle. In this context, instead of accelerator and brake pedals, our vehicle has only accelerator pedals. This pedal, connected to the battery, allows both the acceleration of the vehicle and the deceleration or even stopping of the vehicle when you take your foot off the pedal. While this technology increases the range of the vehicle by up to 15 percent, it also reduces the brake maintenance costs and maintenance times of the vehicles. On the other hand, there is another very important design model in our vehicle that the passengers do not see. Since all parts of the vehicle powered by electricity are positioned as close to each other as possible, service and maintenance processes are also much easier here compared to competing models.”

Expressing that the TS45 model will hit the roads in the USA with its new face, Fatih Kozan said, “We have made this vehicle, which we first introduced to the market in 2014 and of which we have sold approximately 250 units, much more aesthetically pleasing, while increasing passenger and driver comfort. We believe that the TS45 will also become one of the symbolic vehicles of intercity travel in North America.”

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