Another Good News from DSI to Manisa 'Ayanlar Dam Irrigation Completed'

Another Good News from DSI to Manisa 'Ayanlar Dam Irrigation Completed'
Another Good News from DSI to Manisa 'Ayanlar Dam Irrigation Completed'

Water, which is the source of DSI investments, is one of the main inputs of all production processes, besides its vital importance. Water, which causes a chain reaction in every area it reaches, triggers both sectoral and inter-sectoral mobility. The strong effect of water in agriculture and industry also conduces to the creation of large business areas.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI), which carries out its activities in agriculture, energy, service and environment sectors; The water stored in the giant dams it has built, especially the facilities for drinking, utility and industrial water production; It offers a wide range of engineering structures such as hydroelectric power generation, agricultural irrigation, wastewater treatment and flood control to the service of our nation.

In this context, DSI, which has been responsible for developing soil and water resources in our country since 1954, has completed numerous facilities, including projects implemented for the first time in the world, the highest and largest dams, the longest irrigation canals and tunnels for drinking water, and continues to offer them to our nation. .

The "Ayanlar Dam Irrigation Supply Construction", which will bring together 9 decares of fertile agricultural land in Manisa Selendi, with modern irrigation has been completed. Explaining that with the 100 irrigation season, life water will be given to the fields from the dam, DSI General Manager Kaya Yıldız said that the regional producer will earn an average of 2022 million liras more annually from this year.

9 decares of land in Manisa Selendi meets the water of life. Ayanlar Dam Irrigation Supply Project” was completed.

Kaya Yıldız “Congratulations to our Manisa”

Giving the good news to the producers in Manisa, DSI General Manager Kaya Yıldız” Our Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. With the instruction of Bekir Pakdemirli, we made a great effort to bring the project to the summer season of 2022. Within the scope of the construction, we laid a total of 33 thousand 827 meters of pipes. We have built a total of 1 art structures, including 6 pressure breaker valve, 111 line shut-offs, 30 water intake valves, 72 suction cups, 43 relief valves, 263 separation structures. This year, we will supply water to the fields from Ayanlar Dam for the first time. Good luck to our Manisa," he said.

It will earn 30 million TL per year

Noting that the product variety and efficiency will increase in the region with the implementation of Ayanlar Dam Irrigation, DSI General Manager Kaya Yıldız underlined that the producers in Manisa will generate an average of 2022 million liras in additional income with the figures of 30.

It will hold 4,95 million m3 of water

The body of Ayanlar Dam, which was built on the Alan Stream near Selendi, was designed as a clay core sand-gravel fill type. The dam, which is 41.5 meters high from the foundation, has a water storage volume of 4 million 950 thousand m3.

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