Food Support for Stray Animals in İzmir Continues Uninterrupted

Food Support for Stray Animals in İzmir Continues Uninterrupted
Food Support for Stray Animals in İzmir Continues Uninterrupted

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has increased its continuous support of food for street animals throughout the year as the weather gets colder. Metropolitan Municipality teams both distribute food and provide care and rehabilitation services for dear friends who have difficulty in finding food in 30 districts of the city.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the support of non-governmental organizations and animal lovers, increased the food distribution for stray animals who had difficulty in finding food in cold weather. The weekly food distribution of the Metropolitan teams, which brings together high-energy foods with street animals every day, is approaching 3,5 tons.

The Veterinary Affairs Branch of the Climate Change and Environmental Protection Control Department also provides care and rehabilitation services to dear friends whose living conditions are made difficult by the winter season.

“Our food purchases continue to increase every year”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Veterinary Affairs Branch Manager Umut Polat stated that they do not leave stray animals alone on cold winter days and said, "Our food support continues to increase, especially in winter periods when there is intense cold and adverse weather conditions increase. Our annual distribution of 150 tons of food for stray animals continues in the company of our volunteers and staff. The amount of our food intake continues to increase with each passing year. We carry out feeding activities in our districts through our local services branch offices and neighborhood headmen. We also receive support from non-governmental organizations and local animal protection volunteers.”

“We thank our president, our cats and dogs are not hungry”

Esin Önder, President of the Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP), said, “We would like to thank our mayor. Our cats and dogs are not hungry. Citizens also take very good care of this work. There are no such projects in other provinces. Our city is much better. Our Mayor has never collected stray animals except for emergencies and isolated incidents.”

“Good thing there is Izmir Metropolitan Municipality”

HAYTAP Press SözcüSüle Baylan said, “We have been working with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for years. Our President Tunç Soyer Our work gained momentum after he took office. Thanks to the food they distribute to the volunteers, our pawed friends do not go hungry during the winter months. We would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Food prices are also in the middle. Fortunately, there is Izmir Metropolitan Municipality," he said.

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