Bulgaria's First Electric Minibus from Turkish Brand Karsan

Bulgaria's First Electric Minibus from Turkish Brand Karsan
Bulgaria's First Electric Minibus from Turkish Brand Karsan

Continuing to be the environmentally friendly transportation choice of cities with its 100% electric product range, Karsan is now electrifying Bulgaria, the neighboring country, after many European countries. Making the first electric vehicle delivery to Bulgaria, Karsan sold 4 e-JESTs to Dobrich Municipality. The city's first electric public transportation vehicle, e-JEST, purchased by Dobrich Municipality with European funding, stands out with its unique dimensions in the 6-meter class, high maneuverability and range performance. Karsan's e-JEST export also means the purchase of Bulgaria's first electric minibus in the country's history.

With its environmentalist identity, comfort, high performance and ideal dimensions, Karsan's electric vehicles continue to conquer European cities. Carrying out the first electric vehicle sales to our border neighbor Bulgaria, Karsan continues to be the transportation choice of cities without slowing down, with its 100 percent electric product range. Continuing to invest in an environmentally friendly way in public transportation with its fleet of more than 100 electric buses, Bulgaria chose Karsan e-JEST as its first electric vehicle in minibus size. Karsan delivered 4 e-JESTs to Dobrich Municipality. e-JEST, which will also be the first electric public transportation vehicle of Dobrich Municipality, draws attention with its design and performance. With this export to Bulgaria, where Karsan is involved with its diesel and CNG vehicle park, the number of Karsan-manufactured vehicles in the country has approached 50.

Emission-free travel with a range of up to 210 km

Proving itself with its high maneuverability and unparalleled passenger comfort, e-JEST can be preferred with a BMW production electric motor producing 184 HP power and 290 Nm torque and also BMW produced 44 and 88 kWh batteries. By offering a range of up to 210 km, e-JEST's energy recovery, which shows the best performance of the 6-meter small bus class in this sense, kazanThanks to the regenerative braking system that provides power, the batteries can self-charge by 25 percent. Equipped with a 10,1-inch multimedia touch screen, fully digital instrument cluster, keyless start, USB outputs and optionally providing WI-FI compatible infrastructure, e-JEST does not match the comfort of a passenger car with its 4-wheel independent suspension system.

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