BELPA Ice Skating Facility Says Hello To Capitalists With Winter Festival


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality reopened the BELPA Ice Skating Facility, which is one of the places in the memories of many Capital City residents, by making a partial renovation and reopening it to the public. The doors of the Belpa Ice Skating Facility, which was transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality in unhealthy conditions, met with the citizens of the Capital with the 45-day winter festival. Those who enjoyed gliding again after a long break enjoyed the track with Zakkum Group's concert.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality temporarily reopened the BELPA Ice Skating Facility, which was taken over as unusable and idle, by making partial renovations.

The facility, which opened its doors to everyone from 7 to 70 who love this sport and that ice skating athletes are not victims, started the winter festival, which it will host for 45 days, with the concert of the Zakkum Group.


Having reached the open-air ice rink, Başkent residents were thrilled with the opening concert of the Oleander Group, while BelPA Chairman Ferhan Özkara, who participated in the festival, expressed his feelings with the following words:

“We set out for another Ankara. In art, culture… Today, we are realizing the first of these. For the first time in Ankara, the 45-day winter festival begins. Everyone from 7 to 70 is here. People are very excited. I hope this continues until spring. The demand for the ice rink was very high. We wanted to start as a full facility, but today we are performing a partial opening. There is an open-air ice rink that did not exist before and is available to children. Training activities continue inside, but we are determined, we are confident, we will deliver this facility to the people of Ankara in a magnificent way.”

Stating that a partial renovation work was carried out at the first stage and the track was reopened for the people of Başkent who are longing for it, BELPA General Manager Ramazan Değer stated that a comprehensive restoration will be carried out at the facility with the completion of the tender process and made the following assessments:

“We are making the partial opening of our BELPA Ice Rink. Our sports clubs have started their training and participated in their first competition today. Our children are enjoying the winter. We're going through a major overhaul. We created the open air ice rink. We crowned this moment with the Oleander concert. Why are they telling us the ice rink has been closed for 15 months? 15 months of the 10 months were already closed due to the pandemic and by the governor's decision. A tender process for the restoration to be made here took place. At the first opportunity, it will be the beginning of a beautiful restoration here. We will do the general opening at that time. I invite all Ankara residents to ice skating and accompany our beautiful concerts.”

The members of the Zakkum Group, which warmed the people of the Capital with their beautiful songs in the cold weather, expressed their happiness at meeting the people of the Capital with the following words:

-Yusuf Demirkol: “As a group from Ankara, we already know BELPA for years. We were also happy that it was opened. It will add a nice color to Bahçelievler again. Everything is going as we want. The weather is cold, but we will warm our fans with our songs. We would also like to thank our President Mansur. As an Ankara native, we love him very much.”
-Cem Senyücel: “We are very happy both to be in BELPA and to take part in this event hosted by Mr. Mansur Yavaş. The weather is cold, but we will warm our guests. It will be a beautiful night.”

-Salih Eren Parlakgümüş: “Bahçeli side is very important for us. We made some of our albums around Bahçelievler. Being in BELPA is also important for us. We thank our President Mansur.”


On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to protect the historical and cultural values ​​that are the symbol of the Capital, on the other hand, aims to bring the places that have a place in the memories of the people of the Capital to the light again.

Emphasizing that they aim to make the facility worthy of Ankara by transforming it into a modern structure from a cafeteria to a library, from an exhibition hall to an ice rink, BELPA A.Ş. General Coordinator Hüseyin Çağrı Durak shared the following information:

“We have unfortunately determined that our Ice Skating Facility is not functional and needs repairs. As BELPA, we repaired the machinery and locker rooms to make this place available to athletes. At least, we gave it to our athletes until the tender was held for a while so that they would not experience any unjust treatment. The project, which was built with the re-opening of our tender, will be brought back to Ankara as a facility worthy of this sport and Ankara, with various activity halls, open library, cafe, landscaping and facilities suitable for the essence of sports.”

The comprehensive renewal auction for the Ice Skating Facility, which was held on December 22, 2021, but canceled due to increased prices and the inability to receive bids due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate, will be held again in 2022.

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