Applications for ABB's Diesel Subsidy to Farmers End on February 18

Applications for ABB's Diesel Subsidy to Farmers End on February 18
Applications for ABB's Diesel Subsidy to Farmers End on February 18

Applications for the "Diesel Support" initiated by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for domestic producers continue online. Applications can be made through the address '' until February 12, 13 for the diesel support that 2022 farmers from the Capital have applied for between January 18 and February 886, 18. The number of Başkent Card applications, distributed by the Rural Services Department, reached 2022 thousand 22.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which started a rural development move in the capital, pressed the button to provide 'diesel support' in order to support domestic producers economically due to increasing diesel prices.

Between January 12 and February 13, 2022, 18 farmers applied for the support initiated after the approval of the diesel support, which was brought to the agenda of the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly with the presidential letter of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş.


In order to encourage domestic production, applications for support, which continue online at “” and show great interest, will continue to be received until February 18, 2022 at 17.00.

Producers who want to benefit from diesel support will be able to apply with 'Farmer Certificate (ÇKS) and Tractor License' in electronic environment through the Rural Services Department Support Application Center.

The conditions sought by manufacturers for diesel support are as follows:

  • be older than 1-18 years old,
  • Only 1 person from the same household can benefit,
  • Those whose residence address is outside of Ankara will not be able to benefit,
  • Tractor belonging to the applicant,
  • The farmer certificate must belong to 2021 or 2022,
  • E-government output farmer certificate (ÇKS certificate) and tractor license will not be accepted,
  • Unspent balances will be transferred to the municipality account on a date to be determined by the Rural Services Department within 3 months at the latest as of the date of loading.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which has expanded its new support understanding in terms of social assistance in Başkent by making coal and natural gas support, especially food aid, through Başkent Kart, will also start distributing rural supports to local producers through the "Başkent Kart".

Apart from the diesel support applications, the Rural Services Department continues to distribute Başkent Cards in 25 districts. In Ankara, where it is planned to distribute approximately 60 thousand Başkent Cards at the first stage, the number of farmers who have applied for Başkent Card has reached 22.

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