8 Million Lira Investment from Izmir Metropolitan to Irrigation Ponds in Menderes

8 Million Lira Investment from Izmir Metropolitan to Irrigation Ponds in Menderes
8 Million Lira Investment from Izmir Metropolitan to Irrigation Ponds in Menderes

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the repair works of Balabandere Irrigation Pond and Sandidere Irrigation Pond in Menderes, which were damaged in the record rains on February 2 last year. The works cost 8 million liras.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed its work on Yeniköy Balabandere Irrigation Pond in Menderes, which met the irrigation needs of the producers in Menderes but whose trunk was damaged in the flood disaster last February, and on the Çatalca Sandidere irrigation pond, whose spillway was damaged. The spillway capacity of both Balabandere and Çatalça Sandidere ponds was increased as part of the works to prevent loss of life and property that may be caused by heavy rains.

Both strengthened and weir capacity increased

Precautions were taken by the Department of Agricultural Services to prevent new floods in the Balabandere Irrigation Pond. In order to increase the evacuation capacity of the weir, the concrete of the spillway floor and the rock floor were broken and the normal water level was reduced to 1,50 meters. On the body, the part where the water flows was reinforced by pouring concrete. Balabandere Irrigation Pond, whose body was repaired after the strengthening works, was put into service on 5 January. The spillway of the Çatalca Sandidere irrigation pond was also repaired and put into service in December 2021. Department of Science Affairs cleaned the dirt in both ponds. In addition, a reverse dam was built to prevent the entry of sediment into the Balabandere Irrigation Pond. The investment amount for both irrigation ponds was approximately 8 million TL.

The metropolis averted the disaster

In the flood disaster that took place in İzmir on February 2, 2020, 24 kilograms of precipitation per square meter fell in a 126-hour period. When the water level of the Balabandere Irrigation Pond exceeded 100 percent, especially in the rains affecting the Menderes district, the body was damaged. The teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department had opened the bottom sluice valves that provided the discharge of excess water after the flood in the pond, and ensured that the pond was discharged in a controlled manner. Pumps belonging to the General Directorate of İZSU and the Department of Fire Brigade were operated continuously in the region, and a major disaster was averted by ensuring the evacuation of water.

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