3rd IVA Natura Short Film Competition Awards Found Their Winners

3rd IVA Natura Short Film Competition Awards Found Their Winners
3rd IVA Natura Short Film Competition Awards Found Their Winners

The contribution of the rich vegetation of Anatolia, which has hosted many civilizations for thousands of years, to the cosmetics sector has blossomed on the big screen. The 3rd Iva Natura Short Film Competition Gala, a first in Turkey, where the contribution of Anatolian plants to beauty and health is discussed, was held on February 24 at Istanbul Akatlar Cultural Center. Gül Merve Akıncı won the first prize with the film Hevsel, Derya Manaz won the second prize with the film Karakılçık, and Gökmen Küçüktaşdemir won the third prize with the film Can Nene.

The members of the jury and supporting organizations were also present at the night hosted by Cem İşler and Eda Nur Hancı. Jurors; It consists of Prof. Dr. İrem Çankaya, Bahriye Kabadayı Dal, Associate Professor Nagihan Çakar Bikic, Oya Ayman, Özcan Yüksek, Jale Atabey, Uğur İçbak and Pınar Öncel.

Supporting Organizations; Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Kocaeli University, Sustainable Living Association, Good4Trust and Derivative Economy Association and Aromader.

Award winners for their support for sustainability, ecological life and sensitivity to the environment; Rana Turgut on behalf of EGET Foundation, Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Çamsarı on behalf of Mersin University, and Yasemin Durmaz on behalf of Aromatherapymarket.

Award of appreciation was given for their news work that is sensitive to the environment and nature; Celal Toprak, President of the Economy Journalists Association, Ayşe Büşra Erkeç, Anadolu Agency Correspondent, and Gökhan Karakaş from Milliyet Newspaper were among the names who attended the night.

Making the opening speech, the architect of the project, Iva Natura & Laber Kimya General Manager Mr. Levent Kahriman: “Short films, which play an important role in conveying thoughts and ideas to the audience effectively and clearly, are one of the best guides in telling the stories of plants. In this sense, the short films shot within the scope of the competition offer the opportunity to use the diversity of plants in the Anatolian lands and the beauty that nature has given us in the most accurate way. Short films contribute to both realizing the value of our plant richness and getting to know the areas of use of plants that are used extensively in cosmetics. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to our Short Film Competition, which we held for the third time this year.”

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