250 Tons of Milk Feed to be Distributed to Producers in Istanbul

250 Tons of Milk Feed to be Distributed to Producers in Istanbul
250 Tons of Milk Feed to be Distributed to Producers in Istanbul

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluspoke at the distribution ceremony of 250 tons of milk feed that will reach cattle breeders. Saying that every segment from the farmer to the local government was affected by the economic bottleneck, İmamoğlu said, “Everyone knows; The electricity bill, which was a thousand liras for his house or farm yesterday, is now three thousand liras," he said. Reminding that as 11 Metropolitan Municipality, they shared their solution proposals with the government, İmamoğlu said, “In an environment where electricity has increased three times, if you raise the minimum wage by 50 percent, not 100 percent, you will make it not enough. We say, let's get over some issues together. You bring tax exemptions to get through this difficult period, give the farmer's fuel cheaper. Do not take some taxes from electricity so that the municipality can provide water more conveniently," he said.

Free cattle and buffalo milk feeds started by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) for producers engaged in cattle breeding across Istanbul, with a ceremony. İBB President attended the ceremony held in Beylikdüzü Gürpınar Fish Market. Ekrem İmamoğlu, Tekirdağ Mayor Kadir Albayrak, Beylikdüzü Mayor Murat Çalık, CHP Party Council Member Gökhan Günaydın, IMM Agricultural Services Department Head Ahmet Atalık, heads of professional chambers and cattle breeding farmers from Istanbul. Stating that Turkey is going through a deep economic bottleneck, İmamoğlu noted that the farmers must be supported. Stating that the high cost of living affects all segments of the society deeply, İmamoğlu said that the costs have reached an unbearable level for farmers and all producers.


Noting that local governments are also negatively affected by the increasing costs, İmamoğlu said, “We, as 11 Metropolitan Mayors, are looking for solutions, not complaints, so that our country can be well, and our country can get rid of these difficulties and this bottleneck. While we are looking for a solution, we warn the government, the government of the country, the government of all of us. We say; Look, don't do this. If you do this, the farmer will be in trouble and cannot produce. The product on the counter becomes more expensive. He cannot come to the table of the citizens. Our citizens will face hunger,” he said.


Stating that the electricity bills have tripled, İmamoğlu made the following suggestions regarding local governments in the continuation of his speech:

“In this environment, if you raise the minimum wage not 50 percent but 100 percent, you will make it not enough. We also warn. We say, let's get over some issues together. You bring tax exemptions to get through this difficult period, give the farmer's fuel cheaper. The municipality can provide water more conveniently, do not take some taxes from electricity. Due to the increase in diesel or energy prices, we offer our services by subsidizing the public transportation with great difficulty. Come do not collect some taxes from us for a period. Let's serve the citizens better. Citizens can get through these days in an environment where they are stuck under these price hikes at this time of poverty. We share our ideas that this work cannot be overcome only with social assistance. We, who carry the burden of nearly fifty percent of Turkey's local government population while fulfilling our duty and responsibility despite all the difficulties, are calling for cooperation with our government while fulfilling all responsibilities. We extend our hand. We say to all municipalities that you share your thoughts like us, even if you belong to the same political party. Let's find a solution together. Otherwise, it is not possible for us to find a solution in these matters by saying that there are no issues to be exaggerated.”


Sharing that their support to the producers will continue, İmamoğlu stated that Istanbul stands out with its history, industry, trade and culture, but also has important opportunities related to agriculture, and said:

“With all my friends, we are implementing practices that have never been done before in agriculture. As the Istanbul Local Administration, we have adopted the basic principle of providing all activities related to agriculture in our villages, not only to our citizens and farmers who are engaged in sheep and cattle breeding and stockbreeding. We know that your costs in feed have reached a large figure. In order to reduce this expense, we offer you milk feed support.”


İmamoğlu also gave information about the support given: “We will distribute 2,5 tons of feed per cattle breeding enterprise and 1,5 tons per buffalo breeding enterprise. Thus, a farmer dealing with cattle breeding will be saved from a cost of approximately 11 TL. The baits you see here will reach Istanbul's 500 districts and 12 neighborhoods. It will be distributed to 110 farmers who are members of Istanbul Provincial Cattle Breeders' Association and Istanbul Provincial Buffalo Breeders' Association. We buy our feeds from Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality. Thus, we are also happy to contribute to our producers in our neighboring province, Tekirdağ.”


Mayor Kadir Albayrak, who made a speech at the ceremony, informed that they are the only municipality in Turkey with a feed factory and said that they have covered a great distance by investing in agriculture and animal husbandry. Çatalca Agricultural Office President Seyit Çetin and Istanbul Provincial Cattle Breeders Association President Tamer Tunca made a short speech and shared the problems of the producers. They conveyed their thanks for the support of IMM in the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry.

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