Gökrail's First Production 'Yiğido' Launched on Rails in Sivas Demirağ OSB

Gökrail's First Production 'Yiğido' Launched on Rails in Sivas Demirağ OSB

Gökrail's First Production 'Yiğido' Launched on Rails in Sivas Demirağ OSB

The first production was made in Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone, which is the future of Sivas. Gökrail Railway Vehicles and Equipment Factory, the foundation of which was laid 8 months ago, derailed the first wagon it produced and named 'Yiğido'.

A ceremony was held for the wagon built at the Gökrail Railway Vehicles and Equipment Factory, the first factory built in Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone. The first wagon produced at the ceremony, which was attended by Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin and many guests, was launched.

Nurettin Yıldırım, General Manager of Gök Yapı AŞ and İsmail Timuçin, who made the opening speech of the ceremony, shared their excitement with the participants and wished the factory to be beneficial for Sivas and our country.

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Hilmi Bilgin: A Huge Success Story Lies Here

Saying that it is an important day for Sivas, Sivas Mayor Hilmi Bilgin said, “The products you produce here will serve humanity. Here lies a great success story. Demirağ OIZ, which we are in, became a center of attraction with the decree issued by our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. With the products you produce, you will make a great contribution to the economy of Sivas and to the export of our country. I would like to thank everyone who worked hard and ran.” said.

Salih Ayhan: Having Believer Investors Made Our Faith Even More

Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan, who stated that many firsts were realized together in Demirağ OIZ, said, “We laid the first foundation of these places together. I hope we will travel the first wagon together. We experience very special feelings together. This is the red apple of Sivas. It is a very important center in employment, industry and producing value-added products. Before the infrastructure, water and road of this place are finished, Gökrail said, 'We will lay the foundation'. When we look at it today, it is on its way to become the largest factory in the region. The fact that there were investors who believed made us believe even more. We had a great partnership. We conducted an exemplary study in Turkey.” he said.

Noting that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared Demirağ OIZ as a center of attraction, Governor Ayhan said that it was an OIZ that was talked about, and that Gökrail, which cooperates with TÜRASAŞ, will export 600 wagons produced by it to Europe.

Congratulating the factory that started production in Demirağ OIZ with an investment of 450 million TL and employment of 500 people, Governor Ayhan said, “There are 66 OIZs in Turkey. We rank second in size and quality. We named the first wagon 'Yiğido'. May your path, luck and horizon be open. Every time we come here, our faith grows stronger. We will lay the foundation of hundreds of factories here in the summer. In two years, we will talk about raising qualified personnel, not unemployment.” said.

After the speeches, 'Yiğido 001 Gökrail' was launched on the rails. Governor Ayhan signed the wagon with the words 'Producing Sivas, Developing Sivas, Good Luck to Our First Wagon'.

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