Majestic Opening for the Street and Bridge that Comforts the Cottage

Majestic Opening for the Street and Bridge that Comforts the Cottage

Majestic Opening for the Street and Bridge that Comforts the Cottage

Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce opened the Serdivan Süleyman Binek Street, which was put into service with its renewed infrastructure and superstructure. Mayor Yüce said, “I wish the Summer Bridge to be auspicious for our city. This bridge, which we have implemented to reduce the density on the Summer Junction, is the result of a holistic study. Good luck to all the services in the region to our city," he said. After the ceremony, President Yüce took the wheel and tested the bridge and the street.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce continues to implement projects that solve the city's problems and add value to its future vision. The opening of the Summer Bridge, which will provide transitions from Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard to Serdivan, whose works have been completed to reduce the vehicle traffic at the summer cottage junction, and Süleyman Binek Street, which befits the modern appearance of the region with its renewed infrastructure and superstructure, took place with the intense participation of the city protocol. President Yüce, as well as SAU Rector Prof. Dr. Fatih Savaşan, MHP Provincial Chairman Ahmet Ziya Akar, Grand Union Party Provincial Chairman Ömer Faruk Bürten, Sakarya Provincial Mufti Hasan Başiş, Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Arif Özsoy, district mayors, Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats and citizens attended. After the opening, Mayor Yüce got behind the wheel of the vehicle and tested Süleyman Binek Street with its renewed face together with Serdivan Mayor Yusuf Alemdar.

“We will meet the needs of today and the future with the street”

Stating that they left the works as a work for the future by thinking about all aspects and acting together with the stakeholders before implementing a project, Mayor Yüce said, “First of all, I wish the Summer Bridge, which we will open together, bring good luck to our city. As Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, we show a holistic approach in every work and project we carry out. For example, if we are going to work on a street or boulevard, we take care that that street meets all the needs of today and the future. We contact our stakeholders and say that we will work on the relevant street. While we are digging the street, we want them to come and do all the infrastructure works. Thus, a street that has become perfect by expending public resources is not made unusable by being re-excavated for simple reasons. After our stakeholders have done their work, we are renewing the drinking water, sewerage and rain water lines of the street from scratch with the help of SASKİ. Then we move on to the filling works and asphalting processes. Finally, we make the pavement and landscaping and offer it to our citizens. From this point of view, I would like to give examples of a few of the streets we have built; Arifiye Double Road, Serdivan 32 Evler Street, Serdivan Süleyman Binek Street and Summer Bridge, Serdivan Fevzi Çakmak Street, Erenler Bağlar Street, Erenler Hacıoğlu Street, Geyve Alifuatpaşa Suat Yalkın Street, Adapazarı Fatih Street, Erenler Türbe Street, Ferizli Fevzi Çakmak Street, Akyazı Pazarköy Street, Farabi Street (Summer House) and Millet Bahçesi-Çark Street Section”.

With its modern appearance, it will suit the aesthetics of the region very well.

Chairman Yüce said, “We also discussed the Summer Bridge from this perspective. This bridge, which we have implemented to reduce the density on the Summer Junction, is the result of a holistic study. Before the bridge, we renovated Hasır Street and Süleyman Binek Street from scratch as I mentioned. In addition, we turned Fevzi Çakmak Street, which is parallel to Süleyman Binek and supports this street when needed, into a boulevard. With the Summer Decorative Bridge, we have presented the alternative route connecting Serdivan with the Camili region to the service of our compatriots. Thanks to this decorative bridge we built between Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard and Hasır Sokak, we connected Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard and Hasır Sokak. Thus, we have connected Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard to Süleyman Binek Avenue via a decorative bridge and Hasır Sokak. Süleyman Binek Caddesi connects to Serdivan AVM from the helipad in Yazlık, and from there to Sapak Mosque and the center of Serdivan. In other words, from now on, when we want to go from Serdivan to Camili, we will have an alternative route to the Summer Junction, which is especially busy during business-entry-exit hours.”

“Congratulations to all our services to Sakarya”

Talking about the works carried out for Serdivan, Mayor Yüce said, “We have adopted a motto for ourselves, especially in infrastructure and superstructure works, to provide services to the whole of our city and to carry out the necessary works in order of priority. With this point of view, in the past 2 and a half years, we have built 1 million 121 thousand 621 tons of asphalt and more than 805 km of asphalt roads in Sakarya. We built a concrete road corresponding to 77 km with 610 thousand 3 m79.60 of concrete. Apart from these, we have made a total of 357 million 363 thousand 969 lira superstructure investments, including works such as pavement, v-channel and border constructions. Again, in the last 2 and a half years, we have invested 667 million 700 thousand liras for infrastructure works such as healthy and clean drinking water, sewerage and storm water lines with the help of SASKİ. After this cumulative information, I would like to talk about the infrastructure and superstructure works we have implemented for Serdivan, which we are in. In the past 2 and a half years, we have invested 15 million 951 thousand 960 liras in road maintenance and construction in Serdivan. We did 22 tons of asphalt work, which corresponds to 37 km. We invested in a 998 km long drinking water network worth 23.5 million 2 thousand 124 liras. We have invested in a new rainwater network of 935 million 18.2 thousand 9 liras with a length of 366 km. With this work, we have built the rain water line from scratch, which has never existed in the Summer area. We have invested in a new sewerage network of 622 million 18.5 thousand 6 liras with a length of 687 km. I wish good luck for the Summer Decorative Bridge, Süleyman Binek Street, Hasır Street and all the services we provide to our city, and I greet you with love and respect.”

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