Turkish Cargo Safely Carried 63 Horses Above the Clouds

Turkish Cargo Safely Carried 63 Horses Above the Clouds
Turkish Cargo Safely Carried 63 Horses Above the Clouds

Turkish Cargo, which creates the conditions closest to natural habitats in the sky by paying the utmost attention to the transportation of livestock, has added a new one to its successful horse transportation operations with its unique service. The air cargo brand safely transported 59 horses, 63 of which were at once, from Chicago to Istanbul.

The horses were comfortably brought from Chicago to Istanbul using a specially designed 21 stall with non-slip floor and oval sides. The horses, which are not allowed to be transported alone due to international rules, were accompanied by their caregivers and IATA Live Animals Regulation (LAR) certified Turkish Cargo personnel during the flight. The horses, which were accommodated for a short time in the Atatürk Airport livestock rooms in accordance with the natural living conditions, were delivered to their owners in Turkey in a healthy manner, through special loading doors that allow easy movement.

For the live animal transportation service that Turkish Cargo offers to its customers in 127 countries of the world; takes the IATA LAR (International Air Transport Association, Livestock Transport Regulation) as a reference in acceptance, storage and dispatch processes, and continues to strictly apply the documentation, packaging, labeling and marking rules specified in the regulation in the livestock transportation process.

Detailed information about the TK LIVE product developed by Turkish Cargo for the transportation of livestock can be found in the “products and services – special cargoes” tab on the turkishcargo.com.tr website.

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