Trabzon Fire Brigade Ready for Search and Rescue Missions

Trabzon Fire Brigade Ready for Search and Rescue Missions
Trabzon Fire Brigade Ready for Search and Rescue Missions

📩 04/01/2022 12:25

The personnel of the Search and Rescue Branch Directorate, which was established within the scope of the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department, helps in accidents and natural disasters as well as fires.

The team of 30 people working in the Search and Rescue Branch Directorate received various trainings on wreck search, frogman, dog training, first aid trainer, rope techniques and technical rescue from AFAD, AKUT and Gendarmerie Search and Rescue since 2020.
The firefighters, who improve themselves day by day, took part in the flood disasters in the Dereli district of Giresun in August 2020 and in the Arhavi district of Artvin in July 2021, as well as in the forest fires in the districts of Antalya last year.

The team, which participates in fire, natural disasters, traffic accidents, underwater and above search and rescue activities, continues its training activities.

The team, headed by Search and Rescue Branch Manager Fatih Assistant, recently conducted various exercises in Ortahisar, Çaykara and Düzköy districts, as well as in Uzungöl.0

In accordance with the scenario, the struggle of the teams with the search and rescue dog named "Duman" in order to save the wounded in the operations was captured.

Students of Trabzon University Şalpazarı Vocational School Civil Defense and Firefighting Program also watched the exercises.
Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Head Mehmet Olcay Bal said that responding to fires is only one of the duties of the fire brigade.

Providing information about the Search and Rescue Branch Directorate, Bal said, "We have chosen our teams to perform search and rescue in urban areas and nature, underwater and above water, and we have started training, in order to give our current firefighters more skills." said.
Bal noted that they have established a search and rescue team that can work both throughout the country and internationally.
Noting that they continue to work to take the training of the personnel to a higher level, Bal continued his words as follows:
“We took care to do our two-day training in a very realistic environment. Even though our first duty is fire, fire brigades gained the ability to respond to disasters such as floods, landslides, floods, earthquakes and avalanches. We formed this team under the leadership of our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Murat Zorluoğlu, and we are now ready for any task to be assigned.”

Stating that they formed the teams in 4 separate teams, Bal said, “They consist of first aid, search and rescue, dog search and rescue, underwater and surface teams. After a year of work, our team has reached this level. We act within the framework of the criteria of the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group. We are climbing to the highest level of search and rescue team that can work both in our country and internationally. Our step-by-step training will continue.” he said.

Stating that the Search and Rescue Branch Directorate is at the best level among the fire brigades in the Eastern Black Sea Region in terms of installation, equipment, tools and training, Bal added that they aim to reach a higher level.

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