TOGG Opens Battery Cell and Module Production Factory in Gemlik

TOGG Opens Battery Cell and Module Production Factory in Gemlik
TOGG Opens Battery Cell and Module Production Factory in Gemlik

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) is opening a battery cell and module production factory in Bursa's Gemlik district. TOGG, which will act together with the Siro company in partnership with China-based energy giant Farasis, will make a great contribution to the employment of the region by benefiting from project-based government support.

The 600 gigawatt hour capacity battery cell and 15 gigawatt hour capacity battery module investment to be built on 19,8 decares of land adjacent to the TOGG factory will support the technological transformation of Turkey's electric vehicles and mobility ecosystem.

Siro, which will produce battery modules and packages for Turkey's automobile, aims to reduce foreign dependency in energy and to accelerate the development of a clean and efficient energy system.

Gemlik Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Paşa Ağdemir said that it is very important to establish the battery facility next to the domestic automobile factory.

Making a statement about the factory, Gemlik Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Pasha Ağdemir said, “We prepared and presented all the reports to the authorities that the fact that the battery factory is next to the automobile factory will be important both in terms of supporting our domestic automobile project and exporting abroad to Asian and eastern bloc countries. Our elders also saw this region as suitable for investment. We thank them.” he said.

Stating that the battery factory will first produce for TOGG, Paşa Ağdemir stated that he will then turn to export. In the continuation of his statement, “The establishment of a 5 billion dollar battery factory next to the automobile factory shows how important our country is and how lucky our district is.” said.

Gemlik Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Pasha Ağdemir emphasized that Bursa constitutes 60 percent of Turkey's automobile and automobile sub-industry. Then Ağdemir stated that they are close to the highway and the port, and that the railway connection will be soon.

Speaking about employment, Ağdemir said, “The battery factory will provide direct employment to approximately 2 thousand people, and 10 thousand people will benefit indirectly from this job. We think that our population will increase by 50-60 thousand together with employment. I think we will overcome these. Gemlik hosts many big companies. These projects excite us all.” he ended his speech.

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