Tips for Warming the Body in Cold Weather

Tips for Warming the Body in Cold Weather
Tips for Warming the Body in Cold Weather

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Dietitian Özden Örkcü shared his suggestions for food and drink that warm the body in cold weather. As the weather gets colder in winter, the need for food to keep the body warm increases. Stating that staying warm during the coldest times of the year is possible by consuming foods that provide more warming, experts state that nuts, oats, garlic and onions are classic examples of traditional warming foods. Experts; He recommends using vegetables such as carrots, onions and garlic, as well as cardamom, turmeric and cinnamon as they will raise body temperature.

Consuming nuts keeps you warm

Stating that one of the easiest and healthiest ways to stay warm during the coldest times of the year is to eat foods that provide more warming, Dietician Özden Örkcü said, “Warming foods, called 'yang' foods by ancient Chinese medicine, generally increase our core temperature by increasing blood circulation or removing excess water from our tissues. are foods that contain one or more active compounds that help Seeds, nuts, oats, garlic and onions are classic examples of traditional warming foods.” said.

Pay attention to the heating power of the vegetable…

Stating that dark orange vegetables such as healthy sweet potatoes, winter squash and carrots provide the warmth of immune-feeding beta-carotene and orange light in cold weather, Örkcü said, “Especially in cold climates, ground roots such as onions, radishes and turnips, arugula, mustard greens and watercress It is one of the other foods that support our warming. Nuts, seeds and butter can be enjoyed as excellent warming and insulating snacks.” he said.

Which spices keep the body warm?

Dietitian Özden Örkcü shared the following about spices that will help keep the body warm in cold weather:

Cardamom: Contains cineol, a proven expectorant. Cineol is known to have a stimulating effect on the lungs. With this feature, cardamom can increase body temperature.

Cinnamon: A sweet and aromatic spice derived from the inner bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree, cinnamon may be considered the most popular warming supplement in the West.

Turmeric: Like cinnamon, turmeric is rich in numerous astringent grains that help tighten tissues and absorb excess water from the body. This causes a drying effect that raises our overall body temperature.

Ginger: Although most famous for treating nausea and stomach upsets, the rhizome of the popular ginger plant has significant warming effects due to its intense concentrations of gingerols and intense heat-producing oils called shogaols.

Cayenne Pepper: Hot pepper, also called Guinea spice, is a member of the nightshade family and is usually consumed in powder form. The heat and warming effects of red pepper are largely due to the highly active compound, capsaicin.

Dietitian Özden Örkcü recommends consuming garlic, mustard and horseradish, which have high vitamin C content, in addition to spices, as they make you feel warmer.

Listen to these tips…

Dietitian Özden Örkcü said that anemia due to vitamin D deficiency, iron, B12 and folic acid deficiency caused by unbalanced nutrition causes body temperature to drop and to feel cold during long and cold winter days. Örkcü concluded his words by sharing his recommendations:

Use as a tea to promote a healthy, warming glow throughout the body. Most of the herbs in tea are considered warming. Cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and cardamom can be preferred.

Traditionally, golden milk/turmeric milk has been used for colds, congestion, headaches, and sore throats. Turmeric is also a depression fighter. Adding more to our diets would be a great brain-boosting strategy.

Put 2 cups of milk in a saucepan over medium heat. Add 1 teaspoon of dried turmeric, 1 teaspoon of dried ginger, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Finally, add a pinch of black pepper and mix, wait for small bubbles to form, turn off the stove. You can rest for 10 minutes and drink.

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