Eyes of the World on Bursa's Historical and Touristic Places

Eyes of the World on Bursa's Historical and Touristic Places
Eyes of the World on Bursa's Historical and Touristic Places

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's live broadcast cameras, which show both the road condition on the main arteries and historical and touristic places, were watched 2021 million 140 thousand 11 times in 187 from 144 different countries.

Thanks to the 'live broadcast service', which was started by the Metropolitan Municipality in 2012 with 2 cameras and has reached 109 cameras today, the historical and touristic places of Bursa can be watched from 140 countries, primarily Germany, Russia, USA and United Arab Emirates. The live broadcast service, which has been put into practice by the Metropolitan Municipality Information Processing Department, is provided on the address bursabuyuksehir.tv, in order to ensure that the drivers who will enter the city traffic have information about the road situation and to promote the historical and touristic places. While 11 million 187 thousand 144 views were recorded last year, the most viewed day was January 56, 13 with 2021 thousand. While 94 percent of the views were made domestically, the countries with the highest views were Germany, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Netherlands, Sweden and Kuwait. In Turkey, after Bursa, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya had the highest number of views, respectively.

Attraction Uludag

Uludağ summit, Sarıalan, Teleferik Square, Setbaşı Square and Stadium were the places that were most curious by those who watched Bursa. In 2021, the highest viewing was from Uludağ summit camera with 4 million 87 thousand. The average time spent on live broadcast, which was 1 minute in the previous year, increased to 2021 minutes in 3.15. It was determined that 70 percent of the visitors entered the system by phone.

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