Signed a Contract with Gülermak for Buca Metro: Groundbreaking on February 14!

Signed a Contract with Gülermak for Buca Metro Groundbreaking on February 14th!
Signed a Contract with Gülermak for Buca Metro Groundbreaking on February 14th!

📩 06/01/2022 13:41

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality adds another ring to its rail system investments. Signatures for the Buca Metro, the biggest investment in the history of the city, were signed with a ceremony held in Buca Işılay Saygın Square. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer“The Buca Metro is not only a transportation project, but also a lever that grows the Izmir economy in this difficult period.” President Soyer also gave the good news that they will lay the foundation of Buca Metro on February 14, 2022.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerHistorical breakthroughs continue in rail system investments in İzmir in line with the sustainable transportation target of . Continuing the construction of Narlıdere Metro with a budget of 2,5 billion and Çiğli Tramway with an investment of 1 billion 250 million liras, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is also starting the construction of Buca Metro, the largest investment in the history of the city. A contract was signed with the contractor company today for the construction of the 13,5-kilometer metro line that will bring the Izmir Metro to Buca and breathe the city traffic.

Signed in

Construction contract for the new metro of Izmir, which will be built by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with its own resources and will cost 3 billion 921 million 498 thousand liras, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and Gülermak Heavy Industry Construction and Contracting Inc. It was signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kemal Tahir Güleryüz, at a ceremony held in Buca Işılay Saygın Square (Butchers Square). Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor attended the ceremony. Tunç SoyerIn addition to CHP İzmir Deputy Kani Beko, Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç, Gaziemir Mayor Halil Arda, Konak Mayor Abdul Batur, Güzelbahçe Mayor Mustafa İnce, Torbalı Mayor Mithat Tekin, Beydağ Mayor Feridun Yılmazlar, CHP Buca District President Hacer Taş Gültepe, IYI Party Buca District President Gamze Bilen Torun, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe, İzmir Metro A.Ş General Manager Sönmez Alev, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, Gülermak Ağır Sanayi İnşaat ve Taahhüt A.Ş executives and many Buca residents attended.

“Izmir is able to complete the Buca Metro”

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyerstated that environmental, comfortable, economical and efficient transportation investments will increase in İzmir and said that the biggest share is reserved for rail system investments. Soyer said, “We are very happy to take the first step of a big project that will illuminate the future of İzmir in this chaotic environment of Turkey. We sign the construction contract with the company that won the international tender process. Buca Metro, for which we have provided 490 million Euros of infrastructure investment loan without the guarantee of the Treasury, will give a great breath to the traffic of our city with its 13.5 kilometers length and 11 stations. This line will carry 400 thousand of our citizens comfortably, without carbon emission and without creating noise every day. It will save our city financially. After long and arduous negotiations, we formed an international consortium for the Buca Metro. Since we see the issue as the common interest of Izmir, we have developed transparent and open relations with everyone involved in the process without any political concerns. As a result, we convinced all our stakeholders in Turkey and around the world; İzmir is able to complete the Buca Metro, one of the biggest investments in Europe," he said.

“The cheapest investment loan possible for Izmir”

Stating that they have brought a total of 490 million Euros of international investment from four different banks to İzmir for the Buca Metro, which will be built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with its own resources, Mayor Soyer said, “The low interest rate of our syndicated loan agreement under the leadership of the European Development Bank EBRD, the length of the grace period and maturity Izmir It provided unique advantages to . Thus, we obtained one of the cheapest investment loans possible for İzmir.”

“Buca Metro is a lever that expands İzmir's economy”

Underlining that the investment will provide new job opportunities for thousands of young people, Soyer said, “Buca Metro is not only a transportation project, but also a lever that grows the Izmir economy in this difficult period. As a matter of fact, we are realizing this vision by requiring the employment of young engineers in the construction of the Buca Metro, as in the Çiğli Tramway. Especially our newly graduated engineers will work. Moreover, thanks to the Buca Metro and our other major investments, the welfare of not only those working in the project, but also the tradesmen, manufacturing and service sectors in the region will increase. As a result of bringing together an investment of billions of liras with İzmir, all sectors of our city will come to life.”

“12 minutes to the Gulf”

Soyer continued his words as follows: “My young brothers and sisters from İzmir, I would like to give this good news in advance. With the Buca Metro, the access time from Dokuz Eylul University Buca Campus to the gulf coast is reduced to 12 minutes. This city is yours. Live Izmir as you wish! Ibn Khaldun said 'geography is destiny'… Buca Metro will change this destiny. It will open a new page in the history of Izmir. We will open this page together. I would like to thank all my teammates who worked with great devotion for the construction of the Buca Metro, the biggest investment in Izmir history. We are building the future of Izmir with you. We weave Izmir with iron nets. I want to make a promise here, too, that we want to lay the foundation in February. We talked to Mr. Kemal (Kemal Tahir Güleryüz). On February 14, Valentine's Day, we are laying the foundation to show our love for İzmir. I invite everyone to this groundbreaking ceremony. May our way be clear.”

“He closely feels the support of Buca Metropolitan”

Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç, who said that Buca Metro will solve the transportation problem in the district, thanked Mayor Soyer for the investments made by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in Buca. Kılıç said, “Our Buca has been feeling the support of the Metropolitan Municipality more closely than ever before. In addition to the metro, another major investment of our Metropolitan Municipality that will ease transportation in our city is the Buca-Bus Terminal connection, with an approximate cost of 1 billion TL. Thanks to the support of our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the cleaning revolution that we have realized by doing what has not been done in Buca for years has been an important step in terms of a sustainable management approach. An important breakthrough was achieved with the Kozağaç Creek Improvement Project in order to prevent the damages caused by catastrophic rains and the material and moral damages that our citizens will suffer. Thanks to the project realized by our Metropolitan Municipality by making an infrastructure revolution in Buca, Buca will no longer be a city experiencing floods. In addition to these, it will beautify Buca, and the Portakal Valley and Buca will have a new area to breathe. I hope that the Buca Metro, which will be the biggest investment in the history of the city, will be beneficial for all of us, with my belief that we will continue to produce together in Buca and share such excitements with our fellow citizens.

“It is a completely different honor to bring such a work to beautiful Izmir”

Gülermak Ağır Sanayi İnşaat ve Taahhüt A.Ş Chairman of the Board Kemal Tahir Güleryüz said: “We would like to state that we are aware of the importance of this duty. We carry out important projects in many cities of the world. We are waving the flag of our country in London, Poland, Sweden. We are working in India to fly the flag of our country not only in Europe but also in eastern markets. We are aware that we are the representatives of our country in the countries we go abroad. It is a different honor for us to be here to introduce the new work of beautiful Izmir. It's a whole different feeling.”

Buca's traffic problem is solved

When the Buca Metro is put into service, the transportation from Üçyol to Buca will decrease from one and a half hours to half an hour. It will be easier for university students to reach Dokuz Eylül University Tınaztape Campus. Buca Metro will also relieve Izmir traffic.

External financing of 490 million euros

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality signed an external financing agreement of 250 million Euros with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in July and the French Development Agency (AFD) in November for the Üçyol-Buca Metro line. An authorization agreement was signed with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) for 125 million Euros and with the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) for 115 million Euros. Thus, an international investment of 490 million Euros was brought to the city.

It will provide driverless service.

The line, which forms the 5th stage of the İzmir Light Rail System, will serve between Üçyol Station - Dokuz Eylül University Tınaztepe Campus-Çamlıkule. The length of the line, which will be passed through a deep tunnel using the TBM machine, will be 13,5 kilometers and will consist of 11 stations. Starting with Üçyol, the line will include Zafertepe, Bozyaka, General Asım Gündüz, Şirinyer, Buca Municipality, Kasaplar, Hasanağa Garden, Dokuz Eylül University, Buca Koop and Çamlıkule stations respectively. The Buca line will be integrated with the 2nd stage line running between Fahrettin Altay-Bornova at Üçyol Station and with the İZBAN line at Şirinyer Station. Train sets on this line will serve without drivers. Within the scope of the project, there will also be a maintenance workshop and a warehouse building in a closed area of ​​80 square meters, and the Buca Metro is expected to be completed within four years after the start of production.

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