Peugeot Enters 2022 with New Campaigns

Peugeot Enters 2022 with New Financing Campaigns
Peugeot Enters 2022 with New Financing Campaigns

📩 11/01/2022 18:55

Leaving 2021 behind with successful sales figures and offering the highest level of customer satisfaction with its services, PEUGEOT continues to offer its innovative products with a quality service approach in the first month of 2022. Entering the new year with new financing campaigns, PEUGEOT Turkey continues to offer its users special loan opportunities for its 2021 model passenger and commercial vehicle product range in January. Within the scope of these campaigns, 208 TL 50.000-month zero-interest loans are offered for 12, the sporty member of the PEUGEOT passenger car family, while loan options are offered with 508% interest in the SUV family and the 0,49 model, which combines a unique driving experience with high-tech equipment.

Entering the new year with attractive opportunities in the commercial product range as well as the opportunities in passenger vehicles, PEUGEOT offers a loan option of 2021% for 75.000 months up to 12 TL for 0,49 commercial vehicle models, while the Rifter with new generation engines offers 65.000 for 12 TL. It provides support to its customers with a monthly loan facility with 0% interest.

Drawing attention with its advantageous purchasing opportunities throughout the year, PEUGEOT continues its campaigns in the first month of 2022. PEUGEOT welcomes its customers with attractive loan opportunities in both passenger and commercial product ranges. In January, 2021 model PEUGEOTs with flawless design, innovative technologies and high comfort levels will meet with their customers with advantageous financing campaigns.

The French manufacturer offers its customers a 208-month, zero-interest loan option of 50.000 TL for the attractively designed compact hatchback model PEUGEOT 12 throughout January. PEUGEOT SUV 8, one of the members of the SUV family with the new generation i-Cockpit®, EAT2008 fully automatic transmission and semi-autonomous driving options, can be preferred with a 80.000-month maturity option of 12% for 0,49 TL, while the financing campaign for the SUV 3008 model is 90.000 months for 12 TL. term stands out with 0,49% interest rate. For the PEUGEOT SUV 5008, the largest of the PEUGEOT SUV family, with a seating capacity of seven people, a 120.000-month term loan with an interest rate of 12% is provided for 0,49 TL. PEUGEOT offers the same loan rate and advantages to its customers for the PEUGEOT 508, which stands out in the sedan class with its innovative identity and strong style.

Cooker advantages in commercial vehicles

PEUGEOT benefits will also meet with users in January for 2021 model light commercial vehicles. In this context, the PEUGEOT Rifter, which offers high efficiency with its BlueHDi diesel engine options and 8-speed fully automatic EAT8 gearbox, and the versatile vehicle of its class with its SUV-like design and technology, can be purchased for 65.000 TL throughout the month, with 12% interest for 0 months. All other light commercial vehicle models of PEUGEOT are also offered with suitable loan options. Professionals of the trade; PEUGEOT Expert Van, Expert Traveler, Partner Van and Boxer Van models can be accessed with 75.000-month 12% credit options up to 0,49 TL.

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