Attention to Mental Health in Winter!

Attention to Mental Health in Winter!
Attention to Mental Health in Winter!

Abdi İbrahim Otsuka Medical Directorate warns people to pay attention to their mental health by drawing attention to the fact that the weather is constantly closed during the winter months, which causes mental depression in people. Abdi İbrahim Otsuka points out that one out of three people suffers from winter depression in the northern hemisphere during the winter months.

In the statement made by the Abdi İbrahim Otsuka Medical Directorate, it was stated that people may experience a mental breakdown as a result of not leaving the house due to the cold and spending most of their time sleeping. In addition, it is pointed out that the leading symptoms of mental depression are headaches, bodily pains, lack of energy, fatigue and feeling of weakness. In the statement, it is stated that intolerance, irritability and communication problems in relationships are the continuation of this mental breakdown.

It is stated in the statement that depressive feelings affect people more especially during seasonal changes; It is pointed out that if there is such a tendency in individuals, this situation may exacerbate due to winter months and seasonal transitions. Pointing out that depression is a serious mental problem, it is emphasized that it is important to get psychiatric and psychological help in order to cope with winter depression.

Ways to combat Winter Depression:

Exercise regularly and stay active

Regular exercise is a necessary element for weight loss and physical health, but it is also a method of coping with stress. Thanks to regular activity, the work of metabolism accelerates, which makes the person feel energetic all day long. Regular activity in the winter months reinforces the positive mood by increasing the release of chemicals that make you feel good.

Get together more often with people you enjoy

Positive spiritual support from friends and family is of great importance in winter depressions.

Don't waste your time sleeping

In winter, people tend to sleep more. Instead of thinking, understanding and feeling, people prefer to sleep and numb. This does nothing but aggravate the mental state. Oversleeping makes the person feel sluggish and restless. Instead of sleeping too much, taking a nap for 10-20 minutes a day will make the day more energetic.

Eat a balanced and regular diet

A healthy and regular diet is another important factor that affects a person's mental state and vitality. Certain foods cause emotional ups and downs in people and affect their concentration. Especially excessive amounts of sugar, white bread and carbohydrates create sharp ups and downs in emotions. A healthy and regular diet restrains these emotional fluctuations.

Take short walks outdoors

The winter season is longer than the other seasons, the weather gets dark earlier. That's why people spend less time outside of the house during the winter months. Therefore, they benefit less from daylight. This leads to pessimism in people and reinforces the emotional breakdown. Therefore, taking into account the pandemic during the winter months, spending more time outside and taking short walks in the open air will make you feel better, provided that you comply with the social distance rules.

avoid drinking alcohol

It should not be forgotten that alcohol increases the mental depression. Excessive alcohol intake reduces the energy of the person and creates a feeling of fatigue. Therefore, heavy alcohol use is not a healthy coping method.

Take special time for yourself

1 hour of time for yourself a day will help you get away from the daily hustle and make you feel better.

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