Pandemic Stress Increases Interest in Dessert

Pandemic Stress Increases Interest in Dessert
Pandemic Stress Increases Interest in Dessert

The COVID-19 epidemic and the quarantine process have caused some changes in the mood and physical activities of individuals. Specialist Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu from Anadolu Health Center, who says that the conditions and mood of individuals during periods of intense stress also affect their nutritional behavior, said, “A person tries to close the emotional gap, anxiety and stress with food, and then he may be more stressed with the regret he experiences and he can still get this stress under control. They can turn to activities that give pleasure to them, such as eating," he said.

The negative emotional state experienced due to stress, anxiety and uncertainty permanently or temporarily changes the eating habits of individuals. Anadolu Health Center Specialist Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu, who says that it is not a coincidence for many people to shop and gain weight even though they do not need it during the pandemic period, said, “Hormones related to reward, happiness and pleasure, such as dopamine and serotonin, which are secreted in the brain, determine our food preferences. Foods rich in carbohydrates cause an increase in serotonin, known as the happiness hormone, and make us feel good when we feel stressed or anxious. Therefore, in order to reduce the negative emotion we are in and increase the state of well-being, we turn to delicious meals or shopping that we can easily access.”

Changing intense stress situations change eating habits

Underlining that some moods such as anxiety, anger, and depression can cause a decrease or increase in appetite, Specialist Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu said, “According to studies, it is seen that people with sad and anxious moods prefer foods with more calories and higher amounts compared to happiness. It is normal to turn to things that we can enjoy and feel good about in big stressful events like a pandemic. Especially since the activities that we can enjoy in quarantine are limited, the thing that each individual easily tends to is to eat nice, sweet things and try different dishes that look delicious.”

We seek to feel good

Reminding that a person under intense stress tends to easily accessible packaged foods, carbohydrate-rich foods, sugary foods and beverages to feel good and relax quickly, Dokuzlu said, “We are in a constant search for feeling good, especially when we consider that these foods are addictive. In addition, it is important how long even the packaged foods purchased in this process can be eaten and how long they distract us. kazanwas. For example, instead of a small chocolate bar, a big pack of snacks is preferred more because it can be eaten for a longer time and makes you feel more visually satisfied. We know that foods such as chocolate and sugary foods are addictive. “This leads to our cycle of being on a constant quest to feel good.”

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