Niğde Ankara Highway Toll Increase

Increase in Niğde Ankara Motorway Toll Fee
Increase in Niğde Ankara Motorway Toll Fee

Tolls have been increased on the Niğde-Ankara Highway. The toll of cars increased by 23 liras, pickup trucks and buses by 26 liras, and trucks by 48 liras and 50 kurus.

The tolls of the Niğde-Ankara Highway, which was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and announced as Turkey's first smart highway, were increased. On the highway, which is run by the private sector, the toll fee of cars from 115 liras and 50 cents to 138 liras and 50 cents has been increased, the toll of pickup trucks and buses has been increased from 130 liras to 156 liras, and the toll of sub-axle trucks has been increased from 243 liras to 291 liras 50 cents.

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