National Technologies to be Used in the National Antarctic Science Expedition

National Technologies to be Used in the National Antarctic Science Expedition
National Technologies to be Used in the National Antarctic Science Expedition

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that they put many technological products developed with domestic facilities into the service of the Antarctic expedition team to be tested, and said, "Our target is the 'Consultant Country' status in the Antarctic Agreements system. kazanTo fly our flag on the White Continent and have a say in the future of the continent.” said.

Minister Varank, held at the TÜBİTAK Presidency building, “6. Participated in the "Introduction and Delivery Ceremony of National Technologies to be Used in the National Antarctic Science Expedition". Emphasizing that they are working to build a great and powerful Turkey in different fields from the defense industry to digital technologies, from electric vehicles to space studies, Varank noted that polar research is among the important activities they carry out with this vision. Reminding that they have organized five scientific expeditions to the continent since 2017, Varank said, “Our target is the 'Consultant Country' status in the Antarctic Agreements system. kazanTo fly our flag on the White Continent and have a say in the future of the continent.” he said.


Stating that they will go on the sixth expedition with a team of 20 people two days later, Varank said, “I am aware that this is a very exciting process for those who set their hearts on polar science. I'm just as excited as you are. Although I wanted so much, I was not included in this team. Maybe it will happen after ministry. You know, politics is difficult in Turkey. If a minister goes to Antarctica today, they say, 'The minister went to the poles for a holiday'. That's why we're just supporting our team for now.” used the phrases.


Varank noted that the poles, which are like a natural laboratory, have a structure that can shed light on the past and the present of the world. Stating that every discovery to be made on the continent is very valuable in terms of understanding nature, living things and the earth, Varank stated that the solution to many problems, especially climate change, is actually hidden in the poles. Varank stated that they are really proud of Turkey being at the forefront of these studies, which may have consequences for the whole world.


Expressing that his team is waiting for a difficult journey of about one and a half months, Varank said that the Kovid-19 measures and the rising cases all over the world will further increase the difficulty of the expedition. Pointing out that they will bid farewell to people who will do space research in the near future, Varank said, “We believe in this. When someone puts forward this vision, when we talk about the national space program, they may try to belittle it. But we are used to their attitude. We are no longer surprised by their behavior. They always did the same for UAVs, TOGG and Turcorns. But when the goals were achieved one by one, they remained silent. So we will not mind what they say, we will focus on our own business.” made its assessment.


Stating that they will always try to keep Turkey at the forefront in the science and technology race, Varank said that the team will conduct research within the scope of 14 projects in different fields such as earth sciences and life sciences. Varank informed that these projects will be carried out in cooperation with 29 institutions.


Talking about the international cooperation of the expedition, Varank said, “Two foreign researchers, one from Portugal and one from Bulgaria, were included in our expedition team. Two Turkish researchers are already working at the South Korean polar station. This fact shows how far we have come in the polar research we have just started. But there is another important point that makes this expedition valuable. In the spirit of the national technology move, we offer many technological products developed with domestic facilities to the service of the expedition team to be tested.” used the phrases.


Stating that the sustainability of the works will be at risk in case of foreign dependence on machinery and equipment, Varank said, “These are high-tech, expensive products. When you constantly buy from outside, it creates a serious cost. More importantly, the places where you supply these technological products can easily end the supply to you. We have personally experienced these approaches in many fields, especially in the defense industry. Polar research also has great potential in terms of both the economic value it can produce and scientific prestige. Therefore, there is intense international competition here as well. We blend our pole studies with our national technology vision to strengthen our country's claim that I am in this field, too. We include polar studies in the steps we take with the aim of making our country not only the market but also the producer of critical technologies.” he said.


Varank said that they will continue to develop and produce high-tech machinery and equipment that will be used by the teams on their expeditions, with domestic and national means. Giving information about the products to be used in the expedition, Varank stated that ASELSAN will supply radio and modular mobile repeater radio to meet the communication needs of the expedition team. Stating that the portable hybrid power support unit developed by ASELSAN will also provide energy support to scientists in Antarctica, where there is no electrical infrastructure, Varank stated that they want to carry the company's other capabilities to the continent.


Minister Varank stated that TÜRKSAT will provide telephone and internet services to researchers with "satellite phones" and BGAN (BIGAN) devices. Noting that HAVELSAN has also produced a national global positioning system GNSS receiver for this time, Varank said, "This product, with new features and equipment added for polar studies, will provide our researchers with real-time location, speed and time information and uninterrupted working performance." said.


Varank said that with the thermal battery technology developed and produced by TÜBİTAK SAGE, it will facilitate the research team in difficult Antarctic conditions. Emphasizing that the battery in question can also meet the heating and liquid water needs of his team in emergency situations, Varank noted that TÜBİTAK SAGE has eliminated the dependence of the Turkish defense industry abroad with this technology.

The national technologies to be used in the expedition were presented by Minister Varank, TÜBİTAK MAM KARE Director and 6th National Antarctic Science Expedition Supervisor. Dr. It was delivered to Burcu Özsoy.

The ceremony was attended by Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin, TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar, ASELSAN Chairman and General Manager Haluk Görgün, TÜRKSAT Satellite Services Deputy General Manager Selman Demirel and TÜBİTAK Defense Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE) Manager Gürcan Okumuş also attended.

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